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Workers and the New Economy

2012- 2013  Colloquia Series

The Labor, Environment and Sustainable Development Initiative has developed a colloquia series on Workers and the New Economy for the academic year 2012-2013.  This series will address key macro level political-economic questions that have been raised by the New Economy discourse and that are directly relevant to unions, workers' organizations, academics and policy makers who advocate for workers' rights and interests.

The first colloquia took place on October 12, 2012 as part of the Energy Emergency, Energy Transition International Trade Union Roundtable.  James Gustav Speth, Professor of Law at Vermont Law School and author of America the Possible: Manifesto for a New Economy, delivered the final keynote address at the roundtable.  He spoke of the need for trade unions, environmental organizations, academics and policy makers to challenge the concept of economic growth.  More than 70 trade unionists from 18 countries attended this event.

Upcoming topics for the colloquia series include Climate Jobs: Can the Public Sector Lead on Both Climate Protection and Job Creation and A New Era for Worker and Consumer Cooperatives.  Dates and times to be determined.