Student Fellows

The Worker Institute offers undergraduate research fellowships for the fall and spring semesters in Ithaca and summer opportunities in New York City and Ithaca. The fellowships provide students with a unique opportunity to contribute to important projects concerning workers and unions, expand their research skills, learn about the labor movement and potential career paths and interact with faculty, labor leaders and other fellows. Read more information on how to apply.

Fall 2014 Student Fellows

Additional Worker Institute Research Fellows for Fall 2014

  • Alexander Chakrin, Project Sandy
  • Arielle Koppell, Young Workers and the Labor Movement
  • Ashley Estrada, Immigrant Workers Website Project
  • Ben Hollander, Unions and Inequality Project
  • Keanu Baker-Stryker, Unions and Inequality Project
  • Kevin Mollica, Precarious Workers Research Network

Summer 2014 Student Fellows

Spring 2014 Student Fellows

Summer 2013 Student Fellows