Worker Institute faculty teach undergraduate and graduate level courses related to the labor movement, growing inequality, workers' rights, collective representation, labor law, and more. The following courses available for Fall 2015 are closely aligned with the Worker Institute's research, projects, and interests, with many of them taught by core Worker Institute faculty.

ILRIC 2301 - Migrants and Migration (Instructor: Cook)

ILRIC 2310 - Globalization and the Sociology of Work (Instructor: Friedman)

ILRIC 2350 - Work, Labor, and Capital in the Global Economy (Instructors: Boyer/Compa/Friedman/Kuruvilla)

ILRIC 3375 - Labor Practices in Global Supply Chains: Multi-Stakeholder Persp. (Instructor: Kuruvilla)

ILRIC 4311 - Comparative Labor Movements in Latin America (Instructor: Cook)

ILRIC 4313 - Labor, the Environment and Climate Change (Instructors: Skinner/Cha)

ILRIC 4325 - Labor Unions and Labor Market Institutions in Europe (Instructor: Doellgast)

ILRIC 4333 - Comparative Labor and Employment Law (Instructor: Colvin)

ILRIC 4344 - International Labor Law (Instructor: Compa)

ILRIC 4375 - Comparative Employment Relations in China and India (Instructors: Friedman/Kuruvilla)

ILRLR 1100 - Introduction to US Labor History (Instructors: Martinez-Matsuda/Elias/DeVault)

ILRLR 1845 - American Capitalism (Instructors: Baptist/Cowie)

ILRLR 2010 - Labor & Employment Law (Instructors: Gold/Griffith)

ILRLR 2050 - Labor Relations (Instructors: Riddell/Hurd)

ILRLR 3035 - Special Topics in Labor Relations: Public Policy Issues in Labor and Employment (Instructor: Harris)

ILRLR 3040 - Special Topics in Labor History: Women, Gender and Capitalism (Instructor: Elias)

ILRLR 3055 - Rhetoric of the Labor Movement (Instructor: Nelson)

ILRLR 3057 - Environmental Mediation and Negotiation (Instructor: Bickerman)

ILRLR 3830 - Workers’ Rights as Human Rights (Instructor: Gross)

ILRLR 4000 - Union Organizing (Instructor: Bronfenbrenner)

ILRLR 4012 - Managing and Resolving Conflict (Instructor: Seeber)

ILRLR 4017 - Planes, Trains, and Labor Relations: Law and Policy under the Railway Labor Act (Instructor: Compa)

ILRLR 4030 - The Economics Of Collective Bargaining in Sports (Instructor: Kahn)

ILRLR 4075 - Values, Rights, and Justice at Work (Instructor: Gross)

ILRLR 4865 - The Crisis in Public Education: Analyzing the Clash Between Education Reformers and Teachers Unions (Instructor: Adler)

ILRLR 4880 - Justice (Instructor: Gold)

ILRLR 6010 - Union Organizing (Instructor: Bronfenbrenner)

ILRLR 6011 - Negotiation – Theory and Practice (Instructors: Seeber/Lipsky)

ILRLR 6012 - Managing and Resolving Conflict (Instructor: Seeber)

ILRLR 6020 - The Practice of Labor Arbitration (Instructor: Lipsky)

ILRLR 6023 - Advanced Issues in Mediation (Instructor: Scanza)

ILRLR 9800 - Workshop in Collective Bargaining, Labor Law, and Labor History (Instructors: Cowie/Boyer)

To learn more about these courses, visit ILR Course Descriptions and Schedules.