Worker Institute faculty teach undergraduate and graduate level courses related to the labor movement, growing inequality, workers' rights, collective representation, labor law, and more. The following courses available for Spring 2015 are closely aligned with the Worker Institute's research, projects, and interests, with many of them taught by core Worker Institute faculty.

ILRIC 2350: Work, Labor, and Capital in the Global Economy
Instructor: Applegate/Batt/Cook/Compa
ILRIC 3342: Workplace Health and Safety as a Human Right
Instructor: Gross
ILRIC 4330: Politics of the Global North
Instructor: Turner
ILRIC 4333: Comparative Labor and Employment Law
Instructor: Colvin
ILRIC 6330: Comparative Political Economy and Global Debates
Instructor: Turner
ILRIC 6350: Labor Markets and Income Distribution in Developing Economies
Instructor: Fields
ILRLR 1100: Introduction to US Labor History
Instructor: Elias/Applegate
ILRLR 2010: Labor & Employment Law
Instructor: Gold/Griffith
ILRLR 2050: Collective Bargaining
Instructor: Aleks/Litwin
ILRLR 2070: Writing Seminar in History - Mexican Labor and Working-Class History in the US
Instructor: Martinez-Matsuda
ILRLR 2080: Writing Seminar in Labor Relations - Global Bargaining in the Neo-Liberal Era
Instructor: Bronfenbrenner
ILRLR 3035: Special Topics in Labor Relations: Rhetoric of Labor
Instructor: Nelson
ILRLR 3035-002: Special Topics in Labor Relations: Seminar on Precarious Workers
Instructor: Griffith
ILRLR 3060: Recent History of American Workers
Instructor: Cowie
ILRLR 3065: Immigrant America: Race and Citizenship in Modern Working-Class History
Instructor: Martinez Matsuda
ILRLR 3068: Organizing for Immigrant Worker Rights
Instructor: Gleeson
ILRLR 3820: Gendered Workplace
Instructor: Devault
ILRLR 3830: Workers' Rights as Human Rights
Instructor: Gross
ILRLR 3860: African American Social History, from 1910 to the Present - Race, Work and the City
Instructor: Salvatore
ILRLR 3880: Unfree Labor: Servants, Slaves, and Wives
Instructor: Devault
ILRLR 4012: Managing and Resolving Conflict
Instructor: Lipsky
ILRLR 4060: Labor Relations in the Hospitality Industry
Instructor: Aleks/Hurd/Sherwyn
ILRLR 4860: US Public Sector: Shifting Power and Shrinking of Rights
Instructor: Adler
ILRLR 5000: Collective Bargaining
Instructor: Litwin
ILRLR 5010: Labor and Employment Law
Instructor: Compa/Lieberwitz
ILRLR 6011: Negotiation - Theory and Practice
Instructor: Seeber
ILRLR 6012: Managing and Resolving Conflict
Instructor: Lipsky
ILRLR 9800: Workshop in Collective Bargaining, Labor Law, and Labor History
Instructor: Cowie/Boyer
ILRHR 4650: Globalization at Work
Instructor: Batt

To learn more about these courses, visit ILR Course Descriptions and Schedules.