Public Sector

People from various career fields in the public sector

The Public Sector Initiative explores the contemporary interplay between public sector workers, unions, employers, taxpayers, and policymakers. There is no shortage of topics to be examined as budget considerations are pitted against consumers' needs, traditional roles of government are challenged, and workers and their representatives confront the uncertainties of privatization, outsourcing, and other cost-shifting proposals.

With the expertise of ILR faculty who have long been attendant to the vagaries of public sector employment, we intend to support meaningful research and educational forums that examine how diverse interests can best be served in a manner that furthers the public welfare.

Current Work Includes

Bargaining for Better Schools: A Research and Public Policy Dialogue Project in collaboration with the Scheinman Institute on Conflict Resolution

Restrictions on Interest Arbitration in New York. Will the Legislative Proposals Advanced Ease the Financial Difficulties Facing our State's Governmental Sub-divisions?


Linda H Donahue,