Cornell University

NY State AFL-CIO/Cornell Union Leadership Institute

16 E. 34th Street, NYC 212.340.2827

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Afternoon at the Ropes Course

“Leadership is the foundation upon which the future of the labor movement is built. This leadership training initiative is focused on individuals chosen by their unions. It’s based on skills and competencies that our unions have identified as critical. I know the Institute will make a tremendous difference for the future of our movement and in the lives of our members.”

— Mario Cilento, President, New York State AFL-CIO

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ULI Members

"Education is key, a power to change our lives. When I started working as an organizer with the Laborers', I needed education- about US labor history, labor law, what unions do and why they are needed. Cornell and my own union, LIUNA, gave me a tool box of knowledge that has transformed my life and my union. At Cornell you can expect a very good learning experience with active, informed teachers. If we don't train our members for the job we need them to do, how can we blame them for failing to lead?"

— Byron Silva, Laborers' Union Eastern Region Organizing Fund