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Your responsibilities and useful contact information

Your Mac will not be managed in the same way a Windows PC would be; there are a number of things that you must do on your own to ensure that your computer stays in working order. The following is a list of things you are responsible for managing on your Mac.

Instructions provided in this guide

  • User account administration
  • Security settings 
  • Data backups 
  • Printer management 
  • Virus protection 
  • Purchasing and installing software, including workplace essentials like Identity Finder and Microsoft Office 
  • Updating software

Instructions not provided in this guide

  • Re-installing the operating system and other software in the event of a system failure
  • Warranty purchase, service, and repair

ILR Technology Services will not perform these aforementioned services for your Mac.

The following is a list of contacts for issues with your Mac.

Software problems or for help finding the cause of troublesome behavior
Urgent: (607) 255-8990

Hardware problems covered by warranty (AppleCare or other)
Apple, Inc.
(800) MY-APPLE = (800) 692-7753

Hardware problems not covered by AppleCare or other warranty
Cornell Store Technology Consultation
(607) 255-4941