Cornell University

Technology Services

146 Ives Hall, 607-255-5484

Requests for Software Installation

The ILR Technology Services (ILRTS) office ensures the licensing, installation, and proper functioning of a core suite of software; Windows operating system, Microsoft Office Professional (Word, Excel, Power Point, and Access), Forefront Antivirus, Outlook Calendar, and miscellaneous utility programs. These packages meet the productivity needs of the majority of clients at ILR.

Sometimes clients require additional software packages for special work-related functions; statistical analysis, graphical design and layout, scanning, etc. ILRTS will install these packages at the client’s request. ILRTS may also suggest the use of a more supportable alternative. In general, we will insure that the packages work properly with the core software suite.

ILRTS will not install software that is unrelated to work. This includes, but is not limited to, screen savers, music or file sharing software, drivers/software for non-essential peripherals, etc. ILRTS cannot insure the proper functioning of these packages with other supported software, or that they will not cause future problems on the user’s system.

Supported Software:

(For Windows only)
Below is a list of the most utilized applications our department supports. We may support others not listed, so please contact us before ordering software on your own.

Adobe CS5
Adobe Photoshop CS5
Adobe Pagemaker CS5
Adobe Premiere
Adobe Acrobat
Omnipage & Omniform
FileMaker Pro (version 6 or higher)
Forefront Antivirus
Internet Explorer
Media Player Classic
Microsoft Office
Microsoft Project
Macromedia MX Studio
Macromedia MX Studio with Flash
Mozilla Firefox
Roxio Easy CD Creator/Sonic
Stat Transfer
Symantec Antivirus
Visio Pro

ILR-owned Software on Home Computers:

Through our contract with Microsoft, ILRTS can allow Microsoft Office to be installed on non-ILR owned home computers.  Users wishing to obtain an install CD for Microsoft Office must agree to and sign the Personal Use of Microsoft Office Agreement then submit a request for the installation CD.