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Office of Student Services

101 Ives Hall, 607-255-2223 or 607-255-1515

Advising and Administrative Staff

Use the information on this page to contact members of the Student Services staff.

Laura Lewis

Frank B. Miller Director

E-mail: Phone: 607-255-2223

  • Academic Standards and Scholarships Committee
  • Academic Integrity
  • Advisor to the ILR Women's Caucus
  • Course advising and counseling
  • Honors Thesis Research
  • Member undergraduate admissions committee
  • Pre-Law Advising

Kevin Harris

Associate Director for Advising & Counseling

E-mail: Phone: 607-255-2223

  • Advisor to the ILR Student Government Association
  • Advisor to the ILR Sports Business Society
  • Study abroad advising
  • Study skills and tutoring services
  • Student Advisers
  • Commencement coordinator
  • Disability Services Liaison
  • Course advising and counseling
  • Member undergraduate admissions committee
  • New student orientation
  • Undergraduate Program Committee


Associate Director for Multicultural Affairs

E-mail:  Phone: 607-255-1515

  • Member of the undergraduate admissions committee with particular attention to recruiting and enrolling qualified minority students
  • Course advising and counseling
  • Study skills and tutoring services
  • Pre-freshman summer program
  • Advisor to the Multicultural ILR Student Organization (MILRSO)
  • Collaborate with the university's Office of Academic Diversity Initiatives (OADI)

Jenn Weidner

College Registrar

E-mail: Phone: 607-255-2223

  • Academic records
  • AP credit/IB credit
  • Registration procedures
  • Requirements (curricular)
  • Transfer credit


Nicole Heasley

Administrative Assistant

E-mail: Phone: 607-255-2223

Monica McGavin

Administrative Assistant

E-mail: Phone: 607-255-1515


Student Staff

Amber Aspinall '17
OSS Intern

Daniel Muniz-Garcia '16
Multicultural Affairs Assistant


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