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When and where can I study?

Alan Benson '07, researching game theory and labor reform at Oxford University, EnglandStudents in ILR who plan to study in another country usually do so in the Junior year, occasionally in the Senior year. They may study in one of the programs that is sponsored by Cornell, or in one sponsored by another institution and endorsed by Cornell, or in an approved externally sponsored program. Information about study abroad is available in the Office of Student Services, 101 Ives Hall, or the Cornell Abroad Office, located in 300 Caldwell Hall.

How many credit hours am I required to take?

You are expected to register for a full course load, the equivalent of fifteen credit hours in a semester or thirty hours in a year, when you study abroad. Some courses will be the equivalent of general elective credit or distribution credit, but others may be accepted as ILR elective credit if evaluated and approved by the relevant ILR department. You may satisfy up to nine hours of the ILR elective requirement in a single semester abroad and up to fifteen hours in a year of foreign study.

How do I qualify?

Application for foreign study requires that you meet the schedules of the program of interest and Cornell's schedule. Applications include tentative class schedules, recommendations from faculty, approval of your application by an ILR faculty committee, essays and transcripts. Approved in ILR, your application will be sent to Cornell Abroad and then to the program for which you are applying.

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