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Required Introductory Courses

George Boyer, Prof. of Labor Economics (L) and Bradford Bell, Assistant Professor (R)The following introductory courses are taken during the first four semesters of enrollment in the ILR school. Although students (especially transfer students) are not necessarily required to take these courses in the order shown here, it is strongly recommended.

Freshman Year

Fall Semester

  • First-Year Writing Seminars
  • ILR Colloquium: Introduction to the ILR School (ILRID 1500)
  • Introduction to Organizational Behavior and Analysis (ILROB 1220)
  • History of American Labor (ILRLR 1100)
  • Introductory Microeconomics (ECON 1110)

Spring Semester

Sophomore Year

Fall Semester

  • Statistical Reasoning (ILRST 2120)
  • Labor and Employment Law (ILRLR 2010)
  • Human Resource Management (ILRHR 2600)

Spring Semester

  • Collective Bargaining (ILRLR 2050)
  • Economics of Wages and Employment (ILRLE 2400)