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Advanced ILR Electives

Lee Dyer, Professor of Human Resource StudiesStudents are required to take 40 credit hours in advanced ILR electives for graduation. These credits are subject to the following rules:

  • A minimum of 24 credits must be taken within the ILR school
  • Up to 16 credits may be taken outside ILR in the following areas:
  • At least one course must be taken for a letter grade from the approved list in each of the following three areas:
  • Approved study abroad work may be used to fulfill:
    • Up to 9 credits for a single semester
    • Up to 15 credits for a full year
  • Internships and student research may also be used to satisfy the elective requirement:
    • Maximum of 16 credits for a semester internship
    • Maximum of 8 credits independent or directed study (research)