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Statement on Diversity

Students attending the ILR Transfer Barbeque eventCornell University's Statement on Diversity reflects the vision of inclusiveness and academic breadth made by Ezra Cornell.

Former Dean Edward Lawler's Message on Diversity

Students who come to Cornell and the ILR School enter a diverse educational community - diverse culturally, ethnically, and racially. You will meet, work with, and live with people of diverse and varied backgrounds, experiences, and ideas. We consider this to be a critical part of your educational experience. In fact, such experience brings to the forefront fundamental values that we hold very dear in the ILR School: mutual respect and understanding, tolerance, and openness.

These values are at the very core of the ILR School and have been since its establishment in the mid-1940s. The fundamental idea underlying the School, when it was established, was to bring the study of labor and management "under one roof," and to generate unique educational programs and experiences from divergent labor and management perspectives on work, labor, and workplace issues. This idea of leveraging diversity of viewpoint remains central to the School's mission and programming. The ILR School is essentially founded on differences; dedicated to tolerance; and devoted to bridging social divides. Therefore, for ILR students, experiencing, understanding, and benefiting from diversity -- in all of its dimensions or forms -- must be an important outcome of their education.