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Faculty Advising

George Boyer, Professor of Labor Economics, talking with Jefferson Cowie, Associate Professor of Labor HistorySome schools randomly assign students to faculty members for advising. Some people "luck out" and work well with an adviser who is aware of their plans and can help them plan their courses. Other students have reported that they hardly ever saw their adviser, and when they did meet they had nothing to discuss. ILR hopes to help students avoid such situations in the following ways.

First-Year Student Advising

ILR First-Year students meet with their colloquium professor during orientation and then regularly throughout the first month of the fall semester. That professor is also the student's faculty advisor. While there is space for some general elective course work in the first year, a number of courses will be required.

OSS Counselors and Peer Advisers

OSS Counselors and student (peer) advisers are available to help new students manage the registration and transition processes. Most ILR faculty would prefer that you discuss the details of course registration, grades and schedules with counselors in OSS. Information of importance to students can be requested at OSS throughout the undergraduate ILR years.

Requesting a Faculty Adviser

In the Spring Term of your Freshman, Sophomore and Junior years, you will be asked if you wish to be advised by a member of a particular ILR department. If you do, the chairperson of that department will assign a faculty member to be your adviser and will notify you of your adviser's name. If you do not wish to have an adviser, one will not be assigned.

Faculty Advisers

ILR Faculty Advisers can be helpful for information about courses of study in their departments, about course combinations that build competence in the field as you raise questions about graduate study in their disciplines, and about career possibilities which utilize your ILR degree.

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Office of Student Services
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