Undergraduate Advising

How can the Office of Student Services help me?

OSS advisors are available to assist students on a wide range of topics including instruction, programs and opportunities for students, faculty and staff. The Office also administers School rules and regulations as legislated by the ILR Faculty, assists faculty committees that deal with curricular and academic issues, serves as a contact and referral for University programs and services, and develops programs and services in support of the School's academic program.

Why are OSS advisors important?

The schools and colleges at Cornell University differ in some respects in their offerings, services, deadlines, policies and programs. What is true for one school may not be the case for another. To avoid confusion or missed opportunities, check with staff in the Office of Student Services.

How do I know which advisor to talk to?

Any staff member in the Office of Student Services may be able to answer your questions or provide assistance in any of the areas mentioned on this Web site. He or she can direct you to a advisor who specializes in answering your type of questions.