Frequently Asked Questions

What is EOP?

The Educational Opportunities Program (EOP) is a state supported program intended for New York State students who meet economic and academic criteria set forth by the College, State Programs Office, and New York State Board of Regents. For more information contact the State Programs office, or contact Cornell F. Woodson.

What is the Pre-freshmen Summer Program?

The Pre-freshmen Summer Program is a rigorous six-week summer program designed to help students prepare for the challenges of their first year at Cornell. ILR students take courses that are counted towards their ILR core requirements for graduation.  Students must be invited to participate. Those admitted through special programs such as EOP (Educational Opportunity Program) or HEOP (Higher Education Opportunity Program) are required to attend.

What is the LSC (Learning Strategies Center) and what services do they offer?

The Learning Strategies Center is the central academic support unit at Cornell University that provides undergraduate students with tutoring and supplemental courses in Biology, Chemistry, Economics, Mathematics and Physics. Assistance in improving general study skills is available through semester long courses, workshops, individual consultations, and web site resources.

What diveristy and inclusion programs exist in the ILR School?

We have several yearly programs geared towards preparing students to lead and collaborate in a diverse world. The Social Justice Education Program is the umbrella program that houses the following intiatives:

Diversity Zone

A 90-minute training that discusses the historical and current implications of race and class in the United States. Participants will engage in various activities that will help them self-reflect on their own intersecting identities and cross-cultural conversations.

Ally Days

A two day educational celebration to engage the ILR community in conversation about what it means to be an ally to various marginalized groups. During this two-day event, the community will be able to stop by various tables, gather materials, pick up swag, enjoy a snack, and take photos at the live photo booth. This program is sure to resonate with people from all walks of life and present the concept of allyship in a fun way.

The Making It In Series

The Making It In Series is a new diversity and inclusion program in collaboration with Alumni Affairs and Development, ILR Office of Career Services, and the Office of Student Services. The goal is to connect students with underrepresented identities (people of color, queer folks, people with a disability, women, etc.) with alumni who share in those identities. Each session focuses on a different industry that ILR students are interested in and provides an opportunity for students to gain advice on navigating spaces as the “only one”, as well as career advice.

An Executive Outlook on Diversity and Inclusion

This programs brings together top executive from various ILR fields to discuss the very important work of diversity and inclusion and how it impacts the companies they work for. In the past, we have had executives from Major League Baseball, National Football League, Deutsche Bank Wealth Management, BET, and Extended Stay America.

Lunch & Learn Discussion Series for Faculty and Staff

This series provides an opportunity for faculty and staff to engage in conversation about the social issues that impact our society and the workplace. Past sessions have included the popular documentary, Race: The Power of An Illusion.