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Site Credits

Design and Implementation
This site was designed and built by ILR Web Studios. We wish to acknowledge the fine work of our colleagues at the Office of Web Communications in design of our parent site In the spirit of university-wide cohesiveness, we chose to continue many of the Cornell themes for our site, while hoping to impart a unique ILR flavor. Our team is comprised of David DeMello, Jean Gustafson, Caroline Hecht, Joanne Kenyon, and John Peters.

Important Contributors
Joe Zappala, ILR Communications Director, oversees the content of the site. Much of the writing for the home and top level bridge pages was contributed by Maralyn Edid, Extension faculty member and writer for ILR. Ed Lawler, our former dean, helped make the Founding Faculty pages a reality. Robert Julian interviews students, faculty and alumni for special profiles. Special thanks to Stuart Basefsky (Catherwood Library) for their invaluable advice at each step.  Thanks would be incomplete without also mentioning countless other ILR staff who patiently endured many long meetings to work out details of content and site structure. Last, but not least, our computers and web servers are secure and performing optimally due to the diligent efforts of the ILR Technology Services team.

Photo credits