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Guidelines for ILR Site Searches

  1. By default, only pages containing all the search terms are returned.
  2. Use OR between two terms to search for pages that include either of the terms.
  3. Search for complete phrases by enclosing them in quotation marks.
  4. Use a minus sign immediately in front of a search term to exclude it from the results.
  5. Use the query prefix filetype: to limit results to specific document types.
  6. These devices can be freely combined in a single search.


  1. labor union returns pages containing the words "labor" and "union"
  2. labor OR union returns pages containing either the word "labor" or the word "union
  3. "labor union" returns pages containing the phrase "labor union"
  4. -graduate degree programs returns pages containing the terms "degree" and "programs" and not "graduate"
  5. filetype:pdf limits the search to pdf files
  6. "labor union" OR "labor relations" -law filetype:html returns web pages containing the phrase "labor union" or the phrase "labor relations" and not the word "law"