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Unions and their Role in Society

The objective of this course is to recognize the ways in which the union as an institution, and  labor as a movement, protect the interests of workers on the job and in society.  Students will focus on Social Movement Unionism that not only looks at working conditions of members, but also concerns itself with social issues affecting all working people.

ONLINE Credit Course

Understanding the New Global Economy

The focus of this course is two-fold: on the one hand, to discuss the revitalization of the labor movement and, on the other, to examine the context in which this revitalization must occur. Among the topics discussed are the changing nature of work; the state of American unions; the globalization of business and labor; tensions between private and public sector.

The Role of the Courts in Managing the Collateral Consequences of Conviction

Last year, Judge John Gleeson caused a stir when he expunged the record of a woman he had sentenced years before and later issued what he called a “certificate of rehabilitation” to one of her codefendants. The 2nd circuit reversed his order, holding that federal courts, unlike the courts in many states, have no autho

The Law of Equal Employment Opportunity

The latest in-depth information on federal, state and local EEO and AA laws (e.g., Title VII, ADEA, ADA, Executive Order 11246). Topics include discrimination, reasonable accommodations, illegal harassment, retaliation, the relationship between EEO laws, AA and diversity, and the interplay of FMLA and ADA.

3-day workshop New York, NY

The Impact of the Trump Administration on Labor and Employment Law

President-elect Trump has indicated his choice of Andrew Puzder as Secretary of Labor, providing a window into the direction that the incoming administration is moving.  Appointments to the NLRB and EEOC will follow.  While there are not yet any changes to legislation, administrative regulations, or Executive orders, it is clear that t

The Hobby Lobby Decision: Its Impact on the Workplace

In Hobby Lobby, the Supreme Court interpreted the Religious Freedom Restoration Act (RFRA) as providing new religious freedom rights to closely held corporations.  How will the Federal and state RFRAs interact with the Title VII, ACA, NLRA, and state and local human rights laws?  What are the implications of Hobby Lobby for employers, unions, and the rights of employees to be free from discrimination based on LGBT, gender, and religion? 

The American Worker in the Global Industrial Relations

This 7-week class is designed to provide union members, officers, and staff, with a fundamental understanding of the operations and impact of corporate globalization, especially as it relates to labor-management relations. The course aims at detecting and refuting the myths about corporate globalization which are at the core of the political agendas of major political parties.

The Affordable Care Act

Prepare Now for Negotiations!  This one-day workshop, offered once in Albany and once in Rochester, will provide union leaders with the information they need to help members, trustees and board members understand how to best manage the so-called Cadillac Tax. Included will be tips on reporting, contract language and building a strategy to help manage costs in order to “stay below the line.” Learn how employers are preparing themselves and gain insight into how the provisions of the Cadillac Tax may change before 2018.

Talent Management Strategies: Gaining a Competitive Edge in Business

Discover what it takes to build a talent pipeline of next generation leaders through game-changing talent strategies. Examine innovative talent development approaches and how to implement effective plans to attract, retain, deploy and nurture talent. Learn processes for ensuring talent strategies are aligned with desired business outcomes. 

2-day workshop New York, NYSee more dates and locations

Steward Training: Problem-Solving in the Workplace (online)

This tools-building workshop emphasizes the rights of stewards/committee persons in resolving disputes in the workplace. The right to information, the duty of fair representation, and member’s right to representation of their Weingarten rights will be covered. Participants will learn how to protect the grievance process, the equality principle, the seven tests of just cause, and how to simplify grievance writing.

3-week workshop

Steward Training

This on-line tools-building workshop emphasizes the rights of stewards/committee persons in resolving disputes in the workplace. The right to information, the duty of fair representation, and members right to representation their Weingarten rights will be covered. Participants will learn how to protect the grievance process, the equality principle, the seven tests of just cause, and how to simplify grievance writing.

Resolving Conflict

Conflict may have constructive or destructive consequences on individual or team performance. Acquire the ability to identify, confront, manage and resolve conflict.

2-day workshop New York, NYSee more dates and locations

Reimagining Employment Summit: An Untapped Talent Pool

In a time of low unemployment, expanding the applicant pool to include individuals with criminal records is becoming increasingly necessary and attractive. Join us to learn from other employers, including our keynote speaker from Men’s Warehouse, about their successful approach to hiring justice-involved citizens.

Public Speaking for Labor Advocates

This workshop is designed to prepare union leaders and staff to speak with ease and confidence in any setting, whether during a meeting or delivering prepared speeches. This class will provide friendly support and concrete public speaking suggestions for every participant, from the inexperienced or shy to the accomplished speaker.

Private Sector Labor Law

This course surveys the major areas of the law as it applies to workers and unions in the private sector. It focuses on the right to organize and the ground rules for collective bargaining and strikes. Students will concentrate on major provisions of the NLRA, examining how the NLRB and the Federal Courts have interpreted the national labor laws.

Performance Management

With effective performance management, you can maximize employee productivity and organization profitability. Learn how to implement a fitting performance management process that aligns organizational goals, motivates employees, and serves as an input to talent pipelines. Explore the key capabilities for employees and managers to drive better performance discussions.

2-day workshop New York, NY

Organizational Design: An Essential HR Capability

Better understand organizational design and how it fits within broader organizational development work. Hone consulting and analytical skills to strike a balance between a facilitative and expert role, and create alignment between components of the organization and the overall corporate framework.

2-day workshop New York, NYSee more dates and locations

Optimizing Pay for Performance and Managing Compensation Change

An organization's compensation philosophy centered on performance-based pay sends a message of accountability and establishes expectations for employees. But, the less prepared an organization is to manage this approach, the more difficult its execution will be. Understanding and knowing how these expectations will be rewarded plays a critical role in managing employee expectations. Throughout this process, it is essential to recognize the distinct values that different groups of employees place on compensation and how to best engage them while strengthening the pay and performance.

Northwestern University and CAPA :The NLRB and College Football

The NLRB granted Northwestern University’s request to review Regional Director Ohr’s decision finding scholarship football players to be employees within the meaning of the NLRA.  What will the Board’s decision mean for the Brown, Boston Medical Center, and Specialty Healthcare decisions?   This case has created national debate about how the student athletes as employees with the right to form unions and engage in collective bargaining would affect them, college sports, the NCAA, Title IX, and higher education.  

Multiemployer Pension Plans in Crisis:Is the Composite Plan the Answer?

Retirement security for workers is in danger. Defined benefit plans are fast becoming a thing of the past, and multiemployer plans are at risk, too. Given the re-emergence of withdrawal liability and new accounting disclosure rules that threaten employers’ access to credit markets, a new innovative plan is needed.

Managing with Labor's Values - Parts 1 & 2

It is critical that managers at unions and social justice organizations get the training they need to become effective leaders and make the best use of limited resources. Through the Managing with Labor's Values - Part 1 (April 23-24) & Part 2 (May 21-22) workshops, participants learn techniques for helping their staff succeed, keep staff accountable and respond appropriately to common staff management issues while honoring the values of the labor movement.

Managing with Labor's Values - Part 2: Building Accountability

This workshop focuses on understanding different behavioral styles at work and how to adapt when conflicting styles cause misunderstandings, unproductive efforts, and impede progress on reaching goals.  Featured topics include approaches/techniques for influencing behaviors, impact v. intent, finding yourself in results, expanding your sphere of influence and understanding behavioral styles to improve communication, cooperation. This is Part 2 of a workshop series on Managing With Labor's Values.

Managing With Labor's Values - Part 1: Helping Your Staff to Succeed

This workshop provides a good foundation for supervising and managing with labor’s values. Topics covered include the role of a supervisor/manger in a union or social justice organization, system for getting and maintaining positive performance, time and stress management in changing times, system for delegating and coordinating group projects, and matching management style to the needs of staff.

Managing Conflict

This course is designed as an introduction to dispute resolution theory and practice with special emphasis on its applications in the field of industrial and labor relations. The course examines the nature and sources of conflict in various areas of society and the role of negotiations, mediation, arbitration and fact-finding in the resolution of disputes.

Managing Change Successfully

Learn to embrace what can sometimes feel like chaos, and turn change into opportunity. Understand change and its impact on teams and organizations; recognize your strengths and challenges in managing change and leverage effective change tools to become a better leader. This workshop offers a self-assessment, a method to navigate real-world scenarios and a personal action plan.

2-day workshop New York, NYSee more dates and locations

Legal Issues in the Workplace

Managers and HR practitioners are frequently exposed to employee issues that may have legal implications for their organization. This interactive workshop focuses on the legal issues associated with day-to-day employment decisions and actions with an emphasis on practical techniques to address issues in a legally sound manner.

1-day workshop New York, NY

Leadership Skills for Success: Engaging Employees and Building Teams

Learn how to master critical communication and management skills to effectively lead employees, establish priorities, and delegate responsibilities. Add value to your organization by being clear about the results you want to achieve, the environment you want to create, and how you will develop talent. Become an effective leader with the ability to build relationships, gain the commitment of others, and manage workplace communications.

2-day workshop New York, NY

Labor Relations Law

Whether you are involved in the collective bargaining process, the administration of a contract, or a certification campaign, it is necessary to understand the National Labor Relations Act and its practical impact on the workplace. This workshop is accessible for lawyers and non- lawyers alike, and gives participants an opportunity to understand a host of legal principles and considerations. 

2-day workshop New York, NY

Labor Relations in the Public Sector

This course is designed to acquaint labor relations professionals, union members, union stewards and officers with a basic understanding of public sector labor relations.

ONLINE Credit Course

Labor Leadership Skills Certificate Program - Online

Ready to make a difference in your union, organization, or company? Want to discover how you can become more involved and understand your role at a deeper level? Earn your certificate and build essential leadership, negotiation and communication skills from your home or office with convenient online courses with a flexible schedule.

Labor Leadership Skills Certificate Program - Boot Camp

Ready to make a difference in your union, organization, or company? Want to discover how you can become more involved and understand your role at a deeper level? Challenge yourself in the Labor Leadership Skills Bootcamp four intensive, experiential days with research-based learning and real-world experience.

Labor History

Labor History can be understood from the perspectives of both union history and the social, cultural, and political life of workers. To gain insights into labor’s past, it is useful to explore not only union organizing, collective bargaining, and labor legislation, but also what workers thought, how they work and lived, and their impact of workers on the larger society.

ONLINE Webinar

Introduction to Collective Bargaining

This course examines the principles of contract bargaining including bargaining environments and structures as well as standards used in negotiations. Students will learn to prepare bargaining demands, cost economic items, draft non-economic language, negotiate economic and non-economic issues, and resolve a bargaining impasse. Discussion will consider the impact of bargaining outcomes on workers, unions, employers, and the public.

Introduction (Chapters 2/3)

This session will look at the Organizing Model of Unionism as a way to organize your union to meet the anti-union challenges of today, emphasizing Maximum Membership Participation. We will look at activities and strategies for creating enthusiasm and commitment among your members and your community—and show you ways to sign up non-members.

Internal Investigation Note-taking and Reports

Internal investigation notes, documentation, summaries and reports have come under heightened scrutiny. An investigation may be at risk if the supporting information and reports are not well written. Practice effective note-taking techniques while developing skills in writing fair, neutral reports that uphold findings. Prerequisite: CO231

2-day workshop New York, NYSee more dates and locations

Interest-Based Bargaining Strategies and Structures

Interest-based bargaining teaches you how to frame negotiations as joint problem solving to resolve each party's underlying issues, needs and concerns. This workshop provides a systematic process for putting interest-based negotiation principles into practice in collective bargaining and grievance handling.

1-day workshop New York, NYSee more dates and locations

Inclusive Diversity and Inclusion Talent Management

Infuse talent management, recruiting, on-boarding and retention with new ways to work, think and communicate. Broaden organizational context by leveraging the impact of applying a strategy for talent management. Recognize the impact of unconscious bias. Align business, talent management and D&I as a systemic process.

2-day workshop New York, NY

Human Resources and the Law

Gain insights on preventing, identifying and managing employee issues that have potential legal concerns. This comprehensive and interactive workshop includes up-to-date information on employment laws and cases defining employer-employee rights and obligations, and practical implications of laws in day-to-day HR operations (e.g., discrimination, compensation and benefits). Current legal issues are highlighted, including a module on social media and privacy.

3-day workshop New York, NY

HR Analytics: Simplifying Decision Making with Data

Communicate the impact of HR and engage business leaders by leveraging data to simplify how organizations make decisions about their people. Implement HR analytic strategies and processes to eliminate potential human errors and mine for good data. Identify key business drivers and learn to translate them into metrics to boost performance and drive employee engagement. 

2-day workshop New York, NYSee more dates and locations

Harassment Prevention in the Workplace

For EEO/HR professionals and managers, prevention is the key to maintaining a productive workplace and avoiding illegal harassment on the job (sexual, racial, religious, ethnic, age, disability, etc.). This interactive workshop examines legal and policy concerns, and best practices for facilitating respect and dignity in the workplace.

1-day workshop New York, NYSee more dates and locations

Fundamentals of Human Resources

Understand the key role HR plays in your organization for driving performance and productivity. Gain insights into successfully supporting clients, developing HR competencies, optimizing practices and influencing business results. Transfer learning to the workplace through case studies and group activities.

2-day workshop New York, NY

Fundamentals of Diversity and Inclusion Initiatives

Use this workshop’s step-by-step process to launch, enhance or revitalize initiatives with thoughtful planning and sound methodology. Acquire key competencies, developmental models and best practices to assess, optimize and drive effectiveness and sustainability of change initiatives.

2-day workshop New York, NY

Fundamental Negotiation Skills

Learn the Fundamentals of Negotiating with this Two-Day Workshop Led by Cornell ILR Experts in NYC. Register Now.

2-day workshop New York, NY

Executive Compensation, and Key Talent and Superstar Pay for Performance

Executive compensation and superstar pay have become increasing controversial in recent years. Truly understanding the basics of compensating executives, key talent and superstars is key to re-thinking how to align performance, strategy and pay for “must-retain” employees and organizational leaders.

Executing Total Rewards

Learn to successfully plan, execute and communicate a total rewards strategy that drives valuable business results while providing employees with desirable workforce programs. Understand the crucial elements of compensation and benefits planning to identify which rewards have the power to attract, motivate, engage and retain employees.

2-day workshop New York, NYSee more dates and locations

Evaluating Performance-Based Compensation Programs: Tools and Techniques

Explore quantitative and non-quantitative tools and techniques for assessing performance pay through a variety of lenses. Consider performance pay through multiple human resource and financial metrics that quantify returns to the organization from a performance-based pay system.

Ethics and Witnesses: Avoiding Impermissible Coaching

This program will explore a variety of ethical issues called into play in witness preparation, including the line between permissible preparation and impermissible coaching, dealing with false testimony, ex parte contact with adverse witnesses (including, through the use of social media) and advising your witnesses with respect to contact by

Ethics and Witnesses

Avoiding Impermissible Coaching, Ex Parte Communications, and Dealing with False Testimony

Do you know the difference between improper coaching and appropriately preparing your witnesses?  Where is the line between zealous advocacy and unethical behavior?  What is the impact of social media?  What are your obligations when a witness provides false testimony?

Employment Law Mediator Training

Become a Qualified Workplace Mediator with this Intensive 4-Day Training Led by Cornell ILR School Experts in Midtown NYC. CLE Credits Awarded. Register Now.

5-day workshop New York, NY

Employee Internal Investigations: Part I

Part I: Learn a step-by-step approach for conducting investigations and developing resolutions. Topics include: investigator’s role, interviewing, managing emotional employees, confidentiality, information-gathering techniques, when to involve an attorney, and identifying outcomes. Prerequisite: CO100, CO111 or CO353

2-day workshop New York, NYSee more dates and locations

Emotional Intelligence: An Edge for Leaders

Emotional Intelligence (EI), which is the ability to harness emotions in sensing, understanding and responding adeptly to social cues in the surrounding environment, is a better predictor of success than IQ. Measure your current EI level and receive coaching to improve it. Then learn to use your EI toUse EI to make pivotal decisions, plan projects and initiatives, solve problems, interact with clientsothers, set performance expectations, communicate feedback and interact with colleagues of all levelssolve problems, and achieve higher performance. Develop and enhance EI competencies to achieve higher performance.

2-day workshop New York, NYSee more dates and locations

Emerging Trends: Recalibrating Diversity and Inclusion

Recognize the shifting demographics, technology and globalization that are changing business needs. Identify key trends and understand their implications on the workforce, workplace and marketplace. Broaden and examine the implications for re-energizing, driving and sustaining D&I initiatives in the face of multiple generations at work, new conversations on religion, race and multiple identities, cultural competence and other emerging issues. 

2-day workshop New York, NYSee more dates and locations

Effective Preparation for Arbitration

This is a hands-on workshop for those with some familiarity with arbitration, either in the classroom or in practice. Participants will leave with a heightened understanding of the arbitration process and the skills they need to serve as effective advocates in arbitration hearings. This is a repeat performance of a session last offered in 2010.

Effective Interviewing

Enhance the necessary interpersonal skills that ultimately impact the quantity, quality and reliability of the information that interviewers obtain from candidates. Discuss the importance of these skills throughout the interviewing process while exploring their impact from the initial screening interview to extending an offer of employment.

1-day workshop New York, NY

Effective Employee Resource Groups

ERGs and affinity groups have evolved in the workplace as a standard component of D&I initiatives to impact organizational goals while developing leaders and addressing concerns of constituents with shared interests. Examine characteristics of high-functioning ERGs as well as leading practices in group formation and operation.

1-day workshop New York, NY

Effective Employee Relations

Examine proactive initiatives and policy implementation that guide successful ER. Learn techniques for conducting effective conversations and managing performance issues. Practice communication skills and explore working styles and sources of conflict.

2-day workshop New York, NY

Effective Employee Discipline

Learn Effective Employee Discipline in a Union Environment with this Two-Day Workshop Led by Cornell ILR Experts in NYC. Register Now.

2-day workshop New York, NY

Effective Diversity and Inclusion Councils

Position D&I councils for successful impact in your organization with this workshop’s integrated approach. Apply best practices for the formulation and operation of councils and understand the core competencies needed for positive impact.

2-day workshop New York, NY

Effective Communication (online)

For anyone who wants to improve oral presentation skills through instruction and practice in a supportive environment. Overcome reluctance to speak in public, analyze and understand your audience for maximum effectiveness, gain tools to organize your thoughts for a more effective/powerful presentation.

ONLINE Workshop

Effective Communication

For anyone who wants to improve oral presentation skills through instruction and practice in a supportive environment. Overcome reluctance to speak in public, analyze and understand your audience for maximum effectiveness, gain tools to organize your thoughts for a more effective/powerful presentation.

1-day workshop Buffalo, NY

Diversity and Inclusion Education and Training

Enhance critical skills for designing and implementing D&I training to ensure that management and employees have an experience that raises awareness, changes behaviors and does not reinforce stereotypes or biases. Acquire techniques, models and ideas to drive diversity messages across an organization.

2-day workshop New York, NYSee more dates and locations

Discussion with Richard Griffin, General Counsel, NLRB

Richard Griffin, the General Counsel of the NLRB, spoke before a live audience of labor lawyers on December 13, 2013. This course is based on a recording of that session and interviews with the speakers. Discussed are Griffin's priorities and possible future initiatives, his thoughts on inability-to-pay vs. "we don’t want to pay" cases, what that means to the parties, and what management's responsibilities are.

Developing and Managing an Effective Supplier Diversity Program

Supplier diversity strategies and programs allow many organizations to gain a competitive advantage. Learn how organizations have approached, designed and implemented supplier diversity in effort to build positive supplier diversity relationships, comply with government regulations, as well as measure and track success to realize business goals.

Design Thinking: Navigating Organizational Processes

Design thinking is a methodology for innovatively solving complex problems by putting people at the heart of the solution. Organizations are leveraging the approach at a growing pace, in all functional areas and levels.

2-day workshop New York, NY

Criminal Enforcement of Labor & Employment Law

Wage theft and health and safety violations now are being prosecuted under criminal law by the Manhattan District Attorney, who has won convictions for larceny and manslaughter. This new and innovative program criminalizes labor and employment law violations.

2-hour workshop New York, NY

Costing the Contract

Learn the Essentials of Labor Contract Costing with This Two-Day Workshop Led by Cornell ILR Experts in NYC. Register Now.

2-day workshop New York, NY

Costing Out Contract Proposals for Union Negotiators

This is a practical, how-to workshop to give union bargaining committee members the skills they need to prepare for negotiations. Exercises are used throughout the workshop to illustrate how to calculate the projected costs of an agreement.

Participants should bring a hand-held calculator.

Costing Out a Contract (online)

This is a practical, how-to-workshop to give union negotiators and bargaining committee members the skills they need to prepare for contract negotiations. Exercises are used throughout the workshop to illustrate how to calculate the projected costs of an agreement.

ONLINE Workshop

Contract Language and Interpretation

Whether you are administering contract language or proposing it at the bargaining table, this workshop is designed to instruct labor relations practitioners on how contract language and past practices may be interpreted by an arbitrator.

1-day workshop New York, NY

Contract Administration

The contract lies at the center of day-to-day union practice. The interpretation and enforcement of contract language depends on the union representative. How can union leaders, stewards, and rank and file members ensure that the contract is honored and not circumvented? This course explores issues that union reps experience on an everyday basis. Students will discuss how to resolve problems that are contract-based by effectively utilizing grievance procedures. Additionally, class participants will learn how to creatively harness the energy of union members themselves to build the local union and address problems that might arise in the workplace.

11-day workshop

Conflict Resolution

This tools-building workshop is designed as an introduction to dispute resolution theory with special emphasis on interest-based problem-solving. The workshop will utilize role plays, exercises, case studies and other tools to allow participants to practice what we teach. Special emphasis will be given to developing strategies to resolve conflicts at work (even with difficult people) without losing control.

Competencies to Advance Diversity and Inclusion Strategies

Assess key D&I competencies that drive business imperatives to ensure alignment with the vision and mission. Learn strategies used by successful organizations and practice relevant skills for engaging employees. Leave with a toolkit of competencies that include a focus on influencing styles and techniques to impact individual contributions and determine a follow-up action plan to sustain and evolve D&I initiatives.

1-day workshop New York, NYSee more dates and locations

Compensation Strategy for Bargainers

Learn Finance, Compensation and Benefits for Collective Bargaining with This Three-Day Workshop Led by Cornell ILR Experts in NYC. Register Now.

1-day workshop New York, NY

Coaching for Performance and Potential

Build skills for an engaging coaching relationship that nurtures talent and improves team performance. Establish an understanding of when coaching is needed and practice using a coaching model that facilitates effective coaching conversations. Review theories for changing behavior, examine imperative coaching elements, and formulate a successful development plan.

2-day workshop New York, NYSee more dates and locations

Building Successful Teams and Team Leaders

Build awareness and skill in the areas of team dynamics, group problem solving and decision making. Explore the structural and behavioral dimensions of building and leading an effective team. Learn techniques suited for self-directed work teams, interdepartmental project teams and other group situations where combined efforts are needed to reach optimal performance levels.

Building Effective Unions: Motivating and Organizing Union Members

In this course students will examine the history of workers' efforts to form and join unions and the development of the legal framework within which contemporary organizing typically occurs. New methods of organizing that consider the political, social, and economic environments will be explored along with the various factors that influence workers' willingness to join unions.

Bridging the Generation Gap

Understand how to communicate more effectively and respectfully in a multi-generational workplace while leveraging differences to build stronger work relationships. Become more open to learning and understanding why these differences exist. Explore how to change your mindset to use new ways of communicating with others and avoid making age-based assumptions that diminish both respect and trust.

1-day workshop New York, NYSee more dates and locations

Beyond Base Pay - Using Incentives to Drive Performance

As the pressure to “do more with less” increases, many organizations are searching for ways to more efficiently utilize compensation budgets to achieve their strategic goals. Directly linking pay to performance is a key solution currently being discussed. Understanding how to link pay to performance, creating an appropriate compensation philosophy, and knowing what types of incentive pay are most effective for which groups of employees are critical to the successful incentive and merit pay programs.

Arbitration Advocacy Immersion Part I

Module 1: Case Analysis, Preparation and Opening Statements

From the perspective of both the union and management, participants practice how to develop a clear and effective theory of the case, create a proposed issue statement to be presented at the hearing, identify witnesses and evidence and prepare opening statements.

Agreement Writing

Learn Labor Agreement Writing Skills with This Two-Day Workshop Led by Cornell ILR Experts in NYC. Register Now.


2-day workshop New York, NY

Affirmative Action Programs

Develop current and essential knowledge of affirmative action legal requirements and plans for government contractors – or employers who voluntarily establish affirmative action initiatives. Learn from an extensive case study and panel of experts.

2-day workshop New York, NY

Advanced Organization Design

Learn frameworks and tools adopted by some of the largest, most complex global companies that prepare you to modify your organization’s structure in response to competitive disruption, technological advances and any other change facing the world of work. Explore real-life examples to better understand the sophisticated global and local strategies organizations use to design efficient operating structures that engage leaders and build formal networks to ensure optimal performance in a matrixed environment.

2-day workshop New York, NY

Advanced Employee Internal Investigations: Part II

Part II: Through extensive practice, gain advanced skills for handling complex employee investigations, such as serious policy violations, EEO and compliance. Topics include: thorough investigation methods, strategies for avoiding common errors and the necessary steps for creating and implementing outcomes. Required: CO231

2-day workshop New York, NYSee more dates and locations

Advanced Diversity and Inclusion Strategies

This workshop is designed to assist D&I leaders in troubleshooting their existing and planned D&I processes to ensure long-term success and sustainability.  It introduces a unique assessment tool, which explores the 10 most frequent determinants of the success or failure of D&I processes in organizations and includes a step-by-step strategic approach to upgrade, relaunch or initiate a D&I process that links to—and reinforces—the organization’s strategic business objectives, mission and marketplace to ensure long-term culture change.

2-day workshop New York, NY

Advanced Collective Bargaining

The primary focus of this course is to build the practical skills needed in collective bargaining today through role plays and mock bargaining. The textbook for this course provides background and an introduction to collective bargaining and industrial relations.

ONLINE Credit Course

ACA & Wellness Programs: At Odds with EEO Laws & Coll. Bargaining Agreements

Affordable Care Act regulations encourage employers to implement Wellness Programs (e.g., smoking cessation, weight loss, etc.) with assumed resulting reductions in coverage costs.  Are these savings real?  There also are legal implications, including possible disparate impact discrimination under Title VII, ADA, GINA, as well as HIPAA issues. Does this conflict with collective bargaining agreements? Panelists discuss issues facing employers, unions, benefit plans, and workers.