Effective Communication (LB118)

For anyone who wants to improve oral presentation skills through instruction and practice in a supportive environment. Overcome reluctance to speak in public, analyze and understand your audience for maximum effectiveness, gain tools to organize your thoughts for a more effective/powerful presentation.

Key Topics

  • Learning to look, learning to listen: Analyzing other speakers. Analyze and understand your audience for maximum effectiveness
  • Tools to organize your thoughts and make your speech more effective/powerful
  • Specific techniques to calm those nerves and butterflies in the stomach
  • Practicing: Watch yourself on video; get constructive and supportive feedback
  • Dealing with a question-and-answer session, including hostile questions

Approach and Features

This live in-person workshop utilizes role plays, group discussions and a live presentation. Participants are given a variety of communication tools to improve their verbal and nonverbal communication styles. These presentations/demonstrations are recorded to capture their communications style and strategies for further improvement.

Benefits to You and Your Organization

Participants benefit from observing numerous communication styles and receive feedback from others on how to improve their effectiveness. Participants can build their confidence and skill level in a safe environment and gain feedback on their approach.

This workshop is part of the four-day Labor Leadership Skills Boot Camp, that also includes Costing Out a Contract, Basic Negotiation Skills, Steward Training and Effective Communication. Sign up for the full Boot Camp at a discounted rate of $597 (a $796 value) to earn your Labor Leadership Skills Certificate →

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