Proactive Negotiation and Persuasion

In agile, flexible, demanding organizations, the ability to negotiate is critical. No longer reserved for a select few only, it is one of the essential skills in getting things done. This course has two distinct components:

Part I: Preparing for Negotiation

  • Determining when to negotiate, and what to negotiate over
  • Assessing the other party, their bargaining power and their perspective before entering negotiations
  • Assessing needs and alternatives
  • Knowing who to negotiate with
  • Approaching divergent mindsets
  • Establishing your bottom line and BATNA

Part II: Negotiating Face-to-Face

  • Opening negotiations
  • Reducing conflict through proactive arguments, questions to engage the other party
  • Understanding the emotions at play
  • Deciding when to be competitive and when to be cooperative
  • Closing the deal


Samuel Bacharach

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