Public Offerings

If no date is listed for a course the class may be available for private offerings.

Compensation Studies

Next Class Date
ICS400 - Beyond Base Pay - Using Incentives to Drive Performance
ICS402 - Evaluating Performance-Based Compensation Programs: Tools and Techniques
ICS401 - Executive Compensation, and Key Talent and Superstar Pay for Performance
ICS403 - Optimizing Pay for Performance and Managing Compensation Change
ICS500 - Shifting Landscapes and Equitable Compensation

Complaint Resolution

Next Class Date
CO332 - Advanced Employee Investigations
CO213 - Affirmative Action Programs
CO251 - Effective Employee Relations
CO231 - Employee Complaints and Investigations
CO220 - Harassment Prevention in the Workplace
CO111 - Human Resources and the Law
CO240 - Internal Investigation Note-taking and Reports
CO353 - Legal Issues in the Workplace
CO336 - Resolving Conflict
CO100 - The Law of Equal Employment Opportunity

Dispute Resolution

Next Class Date
DR220 - Building Your Career as a Workplace Neutral: Developing the Business Plan
DR210 - Cross Cultural Issues in the Workplace
DR140 - Designing Effective Dispute Resolution Systems for the Workplace
DR108 - Employment Law for Arbitrators, Mediators and HR Professionals
DR170 - Ethics in Alternative Dispute Resolution
DR142 - Facilitating Negotiations
DR225 - Facilitation Skills for Conflict Management
DR205 - Labor and Employment Arbitration Award Writing
DR148 - Leading Difficult Conversations and Heated Discussions
DR101 - Reinventing Your Career: The Practice and Profession of Dispute Resolution
DR130 - The Employment Law Arbitrator Training Program
DR110 - The Employment Law Mediator Training Program

Diversity Management

Next Class Date
DV320 - Advanced Diversity and Inclusion Strategies
DV350 - Developing and Delivering Diversity and Inclusion Training
DV358 - Developing and Managing an Effective Supplier Diversity Program
DV310 - Effective Diversity and Inclusion Councils
DV120 - Effective Employee Resource Groups
DV240 - Emerging Trends in Diversity and Inclusion
DV325 - Enhancing Diversity and Inclusion Initiatives with Change Management Strategies
DV221 - Fundamentals of Diversity and Inclusion Initiatives
DV227 - Inclusive Diversity and Inclusion Talent Management
DV330 - Training Difficult Issues in Diversity and Inclusion

Employment Law

Next Class Date
ODEL101 - ACA and Wellness Programs: At Odds With EEO Laws and Collective Bargaining Agreements? Available On Demand
EL888 - Conference or Special Event
EL802 - Conference/Special Event in Labor Law
EL777 - Current Issues
EL703 - Current Issues in Discrimination Law
EL701 - Current Issues in Employment Law
EL702 - Current Issues in Labor Law
EL551 - Current Problems in International Labor Rights, Part I
EL552 - Current Problems in International Labor Rights, Part II
EL553 - Current Problems in International Labor Rights, Part III
EL564 - Disabilities Discrimination
EL563 - Discrimination Against Immigrants or Diverse Ethnicities
ODEL100 - Discussion with Richard Griffin, General Counsel, NLRB Available On Demand
EL530 - Federal Wage and Hour Laws
EL580 - General Municipal Law Section 207 a & c
EL510 - Introduction to Employment Discrimination Law
EL540 - New York State Workers' Compensation Law
ODEL102 - Northwestern University and CAPA :The NLRB and College Football Available On Demand
EL804 - Noted Guest Speaker Event
EL542 - Occupational Safety and Health:The Right to Not Be Injured on the Job
EL514 - Privacy Rights in the Workplace
EL561 - Race, Age, and Gender Discrimination
EL562 - Religious Discrimination/Accommodating Religious Observance
EL500 - Reporting Requirements Under the LMRDA & Conduct of Union Officer Elections
EL522 - Retirement Protections:How Your Pension Is (and Is Not) Secured by Federal Law
EL560 - Sexual Harassment/Hostile Work Environment
EL999 - Special Topics
EL903 - Special Topics in Discrimination Law
EL901 - Special Topics in Employment Law
EL902 - Special Topics in Labor Law
EL524 - The Americans with Disabilities Act and The Family and Medical Leave Act
ODEL103 - The Hobby Lobby Decision: Its Impact on the Workplace Available On Demand
EL512 - The Right to Organize
EL554 - Transnational Justice for Migrant Workers
EL550 - Worker Rights as Human Rights

Executive Education

Next Class Date
EE456 - HR Analytics: Data-Driven Decision Making

Human Resource Management

Next Class Date
HR241 - Effective Interviewing
HR104 - Essentials of Human Resources
HR417 - HR Analytics: Telling Better HR Stories Through Data
HR415 - Integrated Talent Management: Aligning Talent with Organizational Demands
HR409 - Organizational Design: An Essential HR Capability
HR201 - Performance Management and Development
HR243 - Talent Acquisition
HR226 - Total Rewards: Compensation and Benefits

International Programs

Next Class Date
IP500 - International HRM Academy

Labor History

Next Class Date
LH777 - Histories of American Capitalism
LH400 - History of Capitalism Summer Camp

Labor Programs

Next Class Date
LB407 - Advanced Negotiation Skills
LB888 - Advancing Worker Rights Conference
LB454 - Arbitration
LB400 - Assertive Grievance Handling
LB603 - Conflict Resolution
LB409 - Costing Out the Contract
LB666 - Effective Communication Skills
LB413 - Effective Preparation for Arbitration
LB665 - Effective Presentations
LB461 - Employment Law: Representing Union Members on the Job
LB412 - Grievance Handling for Stewards
LB455 - Labor Law for Union Representatives
LB100 - Labor Relations in Changing Times
LB550 - Managing With Labor's Values - Part 1 - Systems for Supervising
LB560 - Managing with Labor's Values - Part 2 - Influencing Behaviors At Work
LB561 - Managing with Labor's Values - Part 3 - Accountability
LB562 - Managing with Labor's Values - Part 4 - Team Building/Diversity
LB410 - Negotiation Skills
LB662 - Public Speaking for Labor Leaders
LB408 - Steward Training
LB521 - Supervising Successfully in a Union
LB403 - The Affordable Care Act

Labor Relations

Next Class Date
LR205 - Contract Language and Interpretation
LR404 - Contract Language and Interpretation
LR203 - Effective Collective Bargaining Skills and Strategies
LR402 - Effective Collective Bargaining: Preparation and Negotiations
LR101 - Effective Employee Discipline
LR405 - Effective Employee Discipline
LR106 - Effective Grievance Handling: From Step One to Arbitration
LR104 - Effectiveness in Arbitration
LR311 - Fundamental Negotiation Skills
LR409 - Increasing Effectiveness at Arbitration
LR312 - Interest-Based Bargaining Strategies and Structures
LR406 - Introduction to Advanced Collective Bargaining Strategy
LR407 - Investigation Tools and Techniques
LR102 - Investigation Tools and Techniques
LR309 - Labor Relations for Managers: Managing Effectively in a Unionized Environment
LR105 - Labor Relations Law
LR403 - Labour Relations Law
LR450 - Latin American Professional Certificate Program in Workplace Negotiations
LR201 - Preparation for Collective Bargaining
LR408 - Strategic Grievance and Arbitration Handling
LR401 - The Fundamentals of Negotiation

Labor Studies

Next Class Date
LS215 - Advanced Leadership in Unions: Power, Politics and Organizational Change
LS240 - Building Effective Unions: Motivating and Organizing Union Members
LS200 - Collective Bargaining
LS264 - Contemporary Labor Issues
LS253 - Contract Administration
LS248 - Employment Law
LS116 - Ethics in the Workplace
LS214 - Labor and Film
LS255 - Labor History
LS238 - Labor Relations in the Public Sector
LS246 - Labor, Government & Politics
LS209 - Leadership in Unions
LS254 - Private Sector Labor Law
LS256 - Resolving Internal Union Conflict
LS299 - Special Topics
LS100 - The Union: Its Role in the Lives of Workers and Society
LS259 - Union Administration

Management Development

Next Class Date
MD314 - Building Successful Teams and Team Leaders
MD302 - Coaching for Managers
MD322 - Developing Effective Communication Skills
MD363 - Emotional Intelligence: An Edge for Leaders
MD303 - Leading with Focus and Intention

Workplace Studies

Next Class Date
WS400 - Change Leadership
WS402 - Engaging and Leading Teams
WS403 - Enhancing and Coaching Others
WS401 - Proactive Negotiation and Persuasion