Interest-Based Bargaining Strategies and Structures (LR312)

Interest-based bargaining teaches you how to frame negotiations as joint problem solving to resolve each party's underlying issues, needs and concerns. This workshop provides a systematic process for putting interest-based negotiation principles into practice in collective bargaining and grievance handling. Assess how organizations' barganing practices can be more effective in reaching durable agreements that improve the working relationships between parties. echniques for generating creative options to solve tough problems.

This trianing is for labor relations, human resource, operations, and finance professionals who support or are responsible for collective bargaining. 

Key Topics

  • Effective issue discussion processes.

  • Information gathering and benchmarking strategies.

  • Techniques for generating creative options to solve tough problems.

  • Utilize the negotiation process to create innovative contract language and an ongoing labor-management relationship.

Approach and Features

Role-play, group work and case studies will develop skills for assessing bargaining interests and joint problem solving. Video simulations will demonstrate how to frame interests as opposed to positions during bargaining.



Debra Osofsky

Debra Osofsky, Consultant in Organizational Structure and Policy is a Skilled Chief Negotiator in leading teams of all sizes or negotiating solo, with one party or many, in structured and unstructured scenarios. Ms. Osofsky has demonstrated success in formulating and implementing policy, building consensus among varied stakeholders and negotiating complex agreement within a variety of organizations. Her specialties include Complex Negotiations, Contract Analysis, , Training, Advocacy, Executive Leadership, Membership Development, Policy Development and Implementation, Team-Building and Management, Staff Supervision, Problem-solving, and Change Leadership


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