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Cornell University's Healthcare Transformation Project

2012 Healthcare Summit

Making Things Happen and Stick:
Innovative Strategies to Transform Our Healthcare Delivery Systems

December 11th and 12th, 2012

ILR School Conference Center - NYC
16 E. 34th Street, 4th floor, New York, NY 10016

This two day healthcare summit, by invitation only, will include union and management leaders, hospital administrators, medical directors in-charge of transformational activities, healthcare researchers, foundation program staff, and policy makers.

Key presenters include

Al Mulley, MD
Director, Dartmouth's Center for Healthcare Delivery Science

Karen Nelson, MD
Former Director of the Unite-Here Health Center, Senior Vice President for Clinical Integration and Executive Director of the Southwest Brooklyn Health Home

Mitra Behroozi
Executive Director of the 1199/League of Voluntary Hospitals Benefit Fund and former member of MedPac

John August
Executive Director of the Kaiser Permanente Coalition of Unions

Christine K. Cassell, MD
President and CEO of American Board of Internal Medicine and ABIM Foundation, was previously President of the American Federation of Aging Research and American College of Physicians

Dee Edington
Founder and Chairman of Edington Associates

Key Workshops at Cornell's Healthcare Summit include

  • Best practices of delivery system transformation
  • Creating patient-centered medical homes
  • Value-Based Purchasing and the importance of high frontline staff involvement
  • Why unions need to lead on quality improvement and delivery system reform
  • Integrating behavioral health into primary care
  • Rapid improvement methods
  • Creating unit-based teams
  • Employee wellness and community health
  • Methods to restructure reimbursement systems to achieve better healthcare outcomes and reduce costs