Public Speaking for Labor Advocates (LB662)

This workshop is designed to prepare union leaders, staff and members to speak persuasively with ease in any situation, whether delivering a prepared speech, during a membership meeting or to the media.  Improve your extemporaneous skills for bargaining, political advocacy and public events.  Practice inspiring members, persuading management, politicians and the public in a supportive environment and connect with other union activists.

Key Topics:

  • Analyze and understand your audience for maximum effectiveness
  • Tools to organize your thoughts for a more powerful speech
  • Specific techniques to calm those nerves and butterflies in the stomach
  • Practice: watch yourself on video; get constructive and supportive feedback
  • Dealing with questions-and-answer sessions, including hostile questions

Approach and Features

This workshop utilizes group discussions, role plays and a videotaped practice presentation. Participants are given a variety of communication tools to improve their verbal and nonverbal communication styles. 

Benefits to You and Your Organization

Participants benefit by gaining confidence and ability in a critical leadership skill, useful for all types of communication.  Organizations benefit by developing the skills of leaders, staff and members in moving others to engage and winning support for your goals.


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