Labor Law (LB455)

This workshop is specially designed to introduce union members and labor leaders to the National Labor Relations Act (NLRA) as it directly impacts union strategy, collective bargaining and contract administration. In addition to the primary provisions and principles of the NLRA, the workshop covers the new cases dealing with social media, small bargaining units and joint employer cases .

Key Topics

  • Developing an understanding of the primary statutory provisions of the NLRA and its administrative enforcement scheme
  • Discussion of the process and legal principles involved in union organizing and representation proceedings under the NLRA
  • Understanding the real-world impact of recent NLRB decisions on union organizing and an employer's union status
  • Recognizing the forms of concerted protected activity commonly employed by workers and unions, and assess the protections afforded such actions under the NLRA
  • Learning the nature and scope of the parties' duty to bargain, including subjects of bargaining, at-the-table conduct as evidence of good or bad faith bargaining

Approaches and Features

This in-person workshop utilizes lectures, small group work, and scenario analysis especially designed for labor leaders, stewards and union members who wish to understand union and employee legal rights under the NLRA.

Benefits to You and Your Organization

Participants will benefit from developing a solid understanding of the fundamentals of Labor Law, so that they can represent their union members with credibility and confidence. Developing a deeper knowledge of the NLRA helps participants be more effective in the areas of organizing strategy, collective bargaining and contract administration.

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Esta R Bigler

Esta R. Bigler, Esq. directs Cornell University ILR Extension's program for Labor and Employment Law. Ms. Bigler, a graduate of Cornell ILR School, has a law degree from Georgetown University. She develops programs by identifying critical and evolving labor and employment law issues and pending legislation and decisional law. She began her law career as a field attorney with the National Labor Relations Board, investigating unfair labor practices and handling representation cases. She then moved to private practice, working as an associate at Vladeck, Waldman, Elias & Engelhard, P.C., where she represented unions in all phases of labor law and represented plaintiffs in Title VII litigation. From private practice, Ms. Bigler entered public service, where she was the deputy director/general counsel of New York City’s Bureau of Labor Services, which enforced the equal employment opportunity requirements imposed on city contractors.

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