Shifting Landscapes and Equitable Compensation

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As an HR and compensation leader, it falls to you to drive the realities and influence the perceptions of equitable and effective pay practice and strategy.

Compensating employees equitably has been linked to gains in organizational efficiency, reduced costs, and increased competitive advantage in the talent and customer marketplaces. Inequities in compensation, on the other hand, bring a variety of internal and external risks. But who decides what is "equitable?" From shareholder activists to frontline employees, optics matter. The characteristics of the organization, the workforce and the competitive landscape all play a major role in creating – and evaluating – perceptions of pay equity.

This one day seminar will address a broad range of strategic issues related to equitable compensation, not just with respect to specific protected groups. The seminar will present a variety of quantitative and non-quantitative tools to assess your compensation policies and practices. Multiple, real-world scenarios illustrate how to achieve business objectives and strategic ambitions. Emphasis is placed on insightful conversation, rather than “one size fits all” tactics.

Who Should Attend?

This seminar is designed for experienced compensation practitioners, managers, HR professionals and their business partners who want to reframe their thinking on compensation, adopting a more strategic and metrics-based approach.

Class size is limited to facilitate interaction with faculty, stimulate peer-professional exchange, and create a participatory learning experience.

What is the Seminar Curriculum?

Developed in collaboration with senior faculty from the Cornell ILR School, this seminar offers the perfect blend of academic study and organizational application. The seminar content includes cutting-edge research, underpinned by an evidence-based, social science approach. Active discussion with peer-professionals contributes significantly to the seminar experience.

Topics addressed in this seminar include:

  • Navigating changing regulatory focus on pay gaps while considering equity across all employees
  • Adapting to the new CEO-to-Worker Pay Ratio reporting requirement
  • Understanding and balancing employee preferences and performance pay effectiveness
  • Managing the compensation-related conversations your employees are having with one another, often on social media

This program has been submitted to the HR Certification Institute for review.

Note: The information presented in this seminar is for educational purposes and should not be interpreted as legal advice.

How will my organization and I benefit?

Participants will leave the seminar with improved capability to assess, shape and drive strategic compensation practice and policy. Organizations can consider their compensation equity, not just with respect to specific protected groups, but in a broader systems and strategic framework. This in turn can lead to efficiency gains, reduced costs, and increased competitive advantage in the marketplace for talent and customers.