Conflict Resolution: Coaching and Facilitation

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Coaching for conflict resolution allows HR Professionals to assist managers/employees with ways to resolve basic conflicts. With facilitation from HR, employees can learn to explore options and develop collaborative resolutions of one-on-one conflicts. This interactive workshop will examine the skills and methods that HR and EEO Professionals can use when guiding employees to resolve conflicts and improve their working relationship.

Key Topics

  • The role of HR professionals in coaching/facilitating for conflict resolution
  • Listening to assist individuals seek clarity
  • Determining when coaching and/or facilitation is appropriate for a dispute
  • Identifying and defining the issue to resolve
  • Techniques for coaching toward resolution of a conflict
  • Developing options for collaborative resolutions
  • Fostering positive communication and working relationships
  • Guides for modeling respectful conversations to resolve disputes
  • Determining when to intervene during a resolution meeting
  • Defining the scope of confidentiality
  • Preparing employees for a meeting to resolve a dispute
  • Facilitating conflicts that can not be resolved
  • Addressing specific issues involving supervisors
  • Pros and cons including formal and informal methods of coaching and/or facilitation in a resolution process

Who Will Benefit

HR and EEO Professionals involved in resolving conflicts and disputes