Total Rewards: Compensation and Benefits (HR226)

Attracting, engaging and retaining employees is a critical focus for every organization. Understanding the crucial components of compensation and benefits and ways in which they impact employees is an important consideration to effectively communicate and offset issues and concerns. Recognizing the link between Total Rewards and other HR practices such as performance and talent management prepares the HR practitioner to consider how to optimize organizational and individual success through rewards and incentives. This two-day workshop will provide you with the knowledge and skills to:

  • Understand the impact of Total Rewards on the business and becoming an "employer of choice"
  • Identify the trade-offs in developing a Total Rewards strategy
  • Identify the link and importance of Total Rewards to drive performance and engagement
  • Learn how to become an effective communicator and advocate on the benefit and value of Total Rewards to employees

Key Topics

  • Preparing a total rewards strategy
  • Legal considerations
  • External and internal benchmarking
  • Job analysis and evaluation
  • Incentive design options
  • Annual pay and benefit cycles
  • Driving to engagement and retention
  • Communication and messaging to the workforce

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Lisa L. Hunter

Lisa L. Hunter, Founder, Newport Consulting Group, Inc. Ms. Hunter is a seasoned consultant with extensive experience in the design and implementation of compensation programs, organizational planning and development, and human resource management. She advises clients on a broad range of issues, including total rewards strategy, executive compensation, linking compensation with business strategy, performance management, and organizational change. In addition to her work as a consultant, Ms. Hunter is the Program Director for The Conference Board's Executive Compensation Management and Compensation Councils. Prior to establishing the Newport Consulting Group, she held senior human resources management positions at Time-Warner, Simon and Schuster, and Home Box Office. Ms. Hunter is a technical advisor with the Institute for Compensation Studies housed in Cornell University’s ILR School. She serves on the ILR Dean's Advisory Council and has served both as President of the ILR Alumni Association and as a Vice Chair of the Cornell University Council. Lisa holds a degree in Industrial and Labor Relations from Cornell University.


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