Performance Management and Development


Human resource departments today are being called upon to make greater, more measurable contributions to their organization's bottom line. Few HR initiatives are seen to contribute more to an organization's productivity and profitability than a comprehensive, effective performance management system. This two-day workshop will provide you with the knowledge and skills to:

  • Design and implement a performance management system
  • Select the most appropriate performance evaluation methods
  • Align the goals and performance of each employee to the company's strategic objectives
  • Train and coach managers on each element of the performance management process
  • Make the performance management process an engaging experience for managers and employees
  • Align the performance management process to other HR practices

Key Topics

  • Types of performance appraisal systems
  • Implementing and managing the performance appraisal system
  • Setting and communicating objectives and performance standards
  • Providing performance based feedback
  • Planning and writing the performance evaluation
  • Conducting the performance appraisal feedback session
  • Coaching managers through the performance management process
  • Interpreting 360 degree feedback
  • Employee development and coaching
  • Provide a clear and credible basis for merit increases and incentive awards
  • Using performance results to build talent pipelines

Who Will Benefit

Early HR professionals