Advanced Diversity and Inclusion Strategies (DV320)

Many organizations with existing diversity initiatives are struggling with ways to sustain them. This workshop introduces experienced diversity professionals to skills and competencies for looking at diversity strategically. The focus is on linking diversity to an organization's strategic business objectives, its marketplace, and long-term sustained culture change. The workshop explores:

  • Why sustainability of a diversity initiative requires moving to inclusive organizational practices
  • Why sustainability requires an examination of business and not simply human resource practices
  • Why measurement is critical to success and successfully developing metrics

Key Topics

  • The current paradigm: diversity as an initiative
  • The emerging paradigm: leveraging diversity/moving toward inclusion
  • Moving diversity from a transactional issue to a business issue
  • Accountability: best practices in accountability for senior managers, line managers, employees, and others
  • Diversity interactions, constraints, and emergent patterns
  • Preconditions for a shift from a diverse to an inclusive organization
  • Attributes of an inclusive organization
  • Fundamentals of diversity metrics
    • Basics in measuring progress and change
    • Understanding and defining long- and short-term success
    • Timing your evaluation for best results
    • Limitations of metrics: quantitative and qualitative

Special Features

Extensive case study and application; extensive work on measurement; class customized through pre-work to the needs of each group; delivery and critique of a diversity strategy; critique and feedback by nationally recognized diversity experts

Who Will Benefit

HR, EEO/AA, diversity managers, and those with responsibility for launching, sustaining, evaluating, or managing diversity initiatives

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