Fundamentals of Diversity and Inclusion Initiatives


For at least the last two decades, organizations across America have implemented programs and strategies designed to help them manage and leverage D&I more effectively. Launching and sustaining an initiative requires strategic planning and sound methodology. This course provides a proven step-by-step process for initiating or revitalizing your diversity and Inclusion Initiative by exploring:

  • The need for articulating a clear link between diversity and organizational performance
  • How to use key change drivers to assess, and guide the launch of D&I Initiatives
  • D&I as an organizational development (OD) intervention
  • Key competencies for assessing and optimizing the effectiveness of your D&I strategy

    Key Topics

    • The historical evolution of Diversity and Inclusion and the implications for designing and implementing D & I Initiatives
    • Diversity and Inclusion initiative as a systemic change process
    • Developing conceptual clarity about D & I and level-setting meaning in the organization
    • Cultivating allies: the role of senior leaders line management, the Diversity leader and employees
    • Developing and clearly articulating the business rationale linked to vision, mission and values
    • Readiness for D&I – four organizational environments: monoculture, compliant, multicultural and inclusive
    • Core skills and competencies of the D&I leader
    • Selecting and managing external consultants
    • Legal issues related to D&I initiatives
    • Organizational assessments

    Special Features

    Case study and application: Highly interactive exercises: Ability to learn best practices from other organizations and networking opportunities