Mediation in the Federal Sector

There are currently no sessions offered.

This advanced-level program will assume participants have experience as mediators and/or advocates. The central theme of the workshop will be the challenges of successfully participating in or presiding over the mediation of disputes for parties with long term relationships. Topics will include:

  • Mediating without deadlines
  • The roles of the Mediator - directive vs. facilitative - when and how to switch roles
  • The real authority of a mediator working in the federal/public sectors
  • Impasse and the road to resolution: How top mediators and top advocates overcome resistance to settlement
  • Small group and class exercises will be led by a superb training faculty
  • Special aspects of the RLA and other key federal statutes

Who Will Benefit

Union advocates, labor relations professionals, human resource specialists, operations professionals, attorneys who present arbitration cases or prepare cases for arbitration, labor mediators, and/or aspiring labor mediators with experience mediating in other venues.