Commercial Arbitration

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Cornell's first-ever course in commercial arbitration, this program will provide practitioners and new arbitrators with a solid foundation in the subject matter. The course will cover such essentials as:

  • Introduction to Commercial Arbitration and its place in Alternative Dispute Resolution
  • Arbitration and the Law including the role of the courts
  • Cornell's Study on the Corporate Use of Arbitration – Lessons learned
  • Contract drafting issues impacting parties and arbitrators
  • Selecting Arbitrators – How parties make their decisions
  • The Role and Importance of ADR Providers
  • Pre-Hearing Issues: Including Motion Practice
  • The Hearing
    -- Structure and Formality
    -- Ensuring a full and fair hearing
    -- Evidence and Proof in Commercial Arbitration
  • The Award
    -- How final and how binding?
    -- Compliance with Awards
    -- Motions to confirm or vacate awards
  • Ethical Issues and the Future of Commercial Arbitration