Facilitating Negotiations (DR142)

Over the past twenty years, Cornell has worked in hundreds of collective bargaining and dispute resolution situations to facilitate the use of interest-based negotiation techniques. At this workshop, you will learn how to apply these facilitation techniques to structure and guide interest-based dispute resolution processes in commercial and employment settings.

Key Topics

  • Understanding the interest-based approach to dispute resolution
  • Assessing the negotiation climate and the bargaining relationship for the potential of interest-based approaches
  • Establishing the facilitator role and your facilitator ethics
  • The Facilitator vs. the Mediator -- creating facilitation boundaries
  • Getting agreement on a structured negotiation process
  • Facilitation techniques for:
    -- Conducting an "issue analysis" process
    -- Developing a negotiation docket and timeline
    -- Using sub-groups to enhance efficiency
    -- Uncovering interests and delaying premature offers
    -- Introducing information sharing into the process
    -- Creating information-based options
    -- Structuring offers and writing durable agreements
  • Managing the between and within-group dynamics of negotiations to build stronger negotiating relationships
  • Assessing your strengths and weaknesses as a facilitator
  • Working with difficult negotiators and relationship breakdowns

Special Feature

This course will use a number of case-based simulations and role plays to help you learn the facilitation process for interest-based negotiations and practice facilitating live disputes.

Who Will Benefit

ADR neutrals, attorneys, human resource and labor leaders and other professionals responsible for facilitating disputes


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