Resolving Conflict (CO336)

Conflict can have constructive or destructive consequences on both individual and team performance. The difference depends on your ability to identify and confront these conflicts, resolve them appropriately, and grow wiser and stronger in the process. By learning to handle conflict well, you will enhance your success and that of your organization. This interactive workshop will provide you with:

  • An understanding of the nature of conflict in organizations
  • Key approaches for managing conflict
  • Insight into your style of handling conflict and ways to enhance your conflict resolution effectiveness
  • Strategies and skills to resolve conflicts with individuals and groups

Key Topics

  • How conflict displays itself in the workplace
  • How to anticipate typical sources of conflict
  • Various conflict resolution models and tools, and the benefits and limitations of each
  • Using the right resolution approach for the situation
  • Using conflict positively for personal and organizational growth
  • Identifying your strengths and weaknesses in resolving conflict
  • How your style of handling conflict helps or hinders your ability to manage conflict
  • How to use your authority appropriately to resolve conflict
  • A personal plan for improving your own approach to handling conflict
  • Conflict resolution strategies: when you are involved, among other individuals, within and among work groups
  • Conducting a difficult performance appraisal
  • Techniques for dealing with angry people and groups

Who Will Benefit

Managers and supervisors who want to establish more effective ways to resolve conflict; particularly valuable for individuals in change situations

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Mitchell Karp, Esq.

Mitchell Karp, Esq., President of Karp Consulting Group, Inc., is a former civil rights attorney who brings nearly two decades of pioneering work to human rights issues and communications skill-building. Mr. Karp created KCG to assist private and public sector organizations (both managers and staff) improve intergroup relations, understand their legal rights and responsibilities, and develop productive work environments free of bias, harassment, and discrimination. Previously, he was a supervising attorney at the New York City Commission on Human Rights and founder of its training institute.

Shirley Munoz, Ed.D.

Shirley Munoz, Ed.D., President, SMH, is a cross-cultural communications consultant specializing in planning, training, and research to address technical and human needs created by change in organizations. Dr. Muñoz consults in diversity areas and helps organizations build inclusive work environments. She also advises clients on handling complaints and resolving conflict. She has extensive experience conducting management and employee training programs.


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