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Strategic Human Resources

  • Learn to think strategically, leverage HR insights and apply decision frameworks
  • Gain perspective on generating human capital initiatives that enable optimal results
  • Communicate the impact of HR through data

Strategic Human Resources

An Advanced HR Certificate

Help business leaders make better business and talent decisions, and deliver the HR perspective on what it takes to grow the business and create an organization where talent thrives. Gain decision frameworks and tools to facilitate, consult and guide the decision making process. And, finally, clearly communicate the impact of these decisions through data analysis.


HR professionals who:

  • Consult business leaders on performance and productivity
  • Work with senior teams and contribute to strategic planning
  • Take responsibility for, or involved in, transformational change
  • Contribute to business model designs and business alignment
  • Integrate HR alignment for business functions and/or across functions
  • Manage within a complex organization
  • Serve as HR decision maker responsible for strategy

Core curriculum

2-day workshop New York, NY$1995.00

Talent Management Strategies: Gaining a Competitive Edge in Business

Discover what it takes to build a talent pipeline of next generation leaders through game-changing talent strategies. Examine innovative talent development approaches and how to implement effective plans to attract, retain, deploy and nurture talent. Learn processes for ensuring talent strategies are aligned with desired business outcomes. 

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2-day workshop New York, NY$1995.00

HR Analytics: Simplifying Decision Making with Data

Communicate the impact of HR and engage business leaders by leveraging data to simplify how organizations make decisions about their people. Implement HR analytic strategies and processes to eliminate potential human errors and mine for good data. Identify key business drivers and learn to translate them into metrics to boost performance and drive employee engagement. 

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