Photo: Diversity and Inclusion

Diversity and Inclusion Professionals

  • Gain in-depth knowledge of contemporary and emerging trends in diversity and inclusion
  • Develop skills to link D&I to organizational effectiveness and business performance
  • Leverage D&I as a competitive advantage

Diversity and Inclusion Professionals

Enrich Your D&I Strategy

Be prepared to embrace diversity and inclusion (D&I), not only as a means to enhance business performance, but also as a driving force for innovation and collaboration. Through these series of workshops, learn drive an engaged culture, provide holistic solutions, and grow organizational performance.


D&I and HR leaders and practitioners desiring to increase their knowledge and skills in engaging employees and managers in D&I initiatives, deploying D&I education and training throughout your organization, and achieving organizational effectiveness.  

It is recommended that participants take The Law of EEO first.

Fundamentals of Diversity and Inclusion Initiatives is required before taking Emerging Trends: Recalibrating Diversity and Inclusion and Competencies to Advanced Diversity and Inclusion Strategies.

Core curriculum

1-day workshop New York, NY$1095.00

Competencies to Advance Diversity and Inclusion Strategies

Assess key D&I competencies that drive business imperatives to ensure alignment with the vision and mission. Learn strategies used by successful organizations and practice relevant skills for engaging employees. Leave with a toolkit of competencies that include a focus on influencing styles and techniques to impact individual contributions and determine a follow-up action plan to sustain and evolve D&I initiatives.

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2-day workshop New York, NY$1495.00

Emerging Trends: Recalibrating Diversity and Inclusion

Recognize the shifting demographics, technology and globalization that are changing business needs. Identify key trends and understand their implications on the workforce, workplace and marketplace. Broaden and examine the implications for re-energizing, driving and sustaining D&I initiatives in the face of multiple generations at work, new conversations on religion, race and multiple identities, cultural competence and other emerging issues. 

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