Design Thinking: Navigating Organizational Processes (LD405)

Design thinking is a methodology for innovatively solving complex problems by putting people at the heart of the solution. Organizations are leveraging the approach at a growing pace, in all functional areas and levels. Application of the method has led to creative, targeted business solutions, particularly as they relate to identifying and reshaping all aspects of the employee experience, meeting customer needs in new and more effective ways, and re-envisioning business processes and models.

Key Outcomes

  • Use design thinking to create experiences that help attract, engage and retain talent
  • Learn and practice the five phases of design thinking
  • Prepare to apply the technique to challenges within your organization, such as brand management, the customer experience, and business operations, in order to gain a competitive edge
  • Gain insights from examples of successful application of design thinking within organizations

Approach and Features

This two-day workshop will both introduce design thinking to those who have no experience with it, as well as fine-tune skills of individuals who have applied some or all aspects of the approach through interactive team exercises.

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