Marcia Calicchia

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Marcia Calicchia

Director of Public Sector Programs
Conflict Resolution


Marcia Calicchia has provided technical assistance and training in a wide variety of organizational development initiatives in the public, private and non-profit sectors across the country for Cornell for over thirty years. Recently, Marcia's work has been primarily in the public sector.

These initiatives have included an extensive analysis of processes and management practices, as well as systemic restructuring and reform. They have resulted in improved measurable outcomes, including enhanced service delivery, reduced cycle time and costs, increased customer satisfaction, and improved quality of work life for employees and managers.

Publications include: Los Angeles Negotiations Study, Conducting Process Reviews (forthcoming), Strategies and Methods for Public Sector Labor-Management Committees, The Lobbying Handbook, and Caring for Our Children: Labor’s Involvement in Human Services Reform.

Marcia is currently project lead for a team developing a series of case studies in leadership that will be used in classes, as well as in public sector agencies across the country. She frequently speaks at conferences and workshops on topics related to organizational development, including executive coaching, measurement, restructuring, and process analysis.