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Kathleen Lee

Extension Associate
Yang-Tan Institute on Employment and Disability


Kathleen Lee is a Business Outreach Consultant with twenty years of experience in providing training and consultation for the business and employment services community on issues related to diverse talent pipelines, building disability and veteran provider service capacity, and sharing employer best practices. Kathleen has extensive technical assistance experience in the areas of accommodation, accessibility, adaptive technology, disability and veteran inclusion, recruitment, and retention. Kathleen holds an Advanced Certificate of Strategic HR Management from Cornell University and a Master of Science degree in Rehabilitation Administration from the Rehabilitation Institute at Southern Illinois University.

Teaching Statement

Kathleen provides online instruction for the Yang-Tan Institute's Benefits and Work Incentives Planning Courses. She shares her practical experience as a Certified Practitioner in navigating Social Security and related benefit programs to educate employment service professionals on helping beneficiaries make informed decisions on return to work.

Research Statement

Kathleen is actively involved in the Diversity Partners project conducting research on best employment practices and providing technical assistance and training to disability employment professionals, the workforce development system and staffing agencies to build capacity for employer engagement to improve employment outcomes for job seekers with disabilities. She is also working in the areas of veteran outreach and research to assist veterans with disabilities transition from the military to the civilian workforce while assisting companies to attract and retain veteran talent.

Service Statement

Through the Just in Time Training program, Kathleen provides technical assistance to the business community of disability and veteran inclusion and why culture matters.

Outreach Statement

Kathleen Lee is an Extension Associate at Cornell University's K. Lisa Yang and Hock E. Tan Employment and Disability Institute in the School of Industrial and Labor Relations. Kathleen has a passion for building partnerships and improving the talent pipeline through apprenticeship opportunities and training in high-demand industries. Her primary interests center on organizational culture and diversified workplaces that are inclusive of individuals and veterans with disabilities.


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Professional Activities

  • Leading with Strengths: Strength-Based Assessment and Job Seekers with Disabilities (. Presented to Diversity Partners. 2018.
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  • Disability Panel: Jobs in the Labor Market. Presented to Direct Employers. Indianapolis, IN. 2017.
  • The Do’s and Don’t’s of Employee Engagement. Presented to Diversity Partners. 2016.
  • Do Ask, Do Tell: The Power of Disability Disclosure and Self-Identification. Presented to National Industry Liaison Group. Charlotte, NC. 2016.
  • “Flow Charts, Logic and Pathway Models and their Application to Affirmative Action Administration. Presented to National Industry Liaison Group. New York, NY. 2015.
  • Fostering Career Linkages for Students with Disabilities Through Mentoring . Presented to University of New Mexico Mentoring Institute. Albuquerque, NM. 2014.
  • Benefits Summaries and Work Incentive Plans. Presented to NCRE. Alexandria, VA. 2014.
  • College Recruiting for 503 Compliance . Presented to USBLN. Orlando, FL. 2014.
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  • Invest, Learn, and Grow Careers through Mentoring and Internship Opportunities. Presented to APSE. Long Beach, CA. 2014.
  • War to Workplace. Presented to Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM). Orlando, FL. 2014.
  • Putting Workforce Excellence & Diversity to Work. Presented to Flint/Genesee Chamber of Commerce. Flint, Michigan. 2014.
  • Marching Beyond Compliance. Presented to Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM). Webinar. 2014.
  • Section 503 Update. Presented to Missouri Business Leadership Network. UniGroup - Saint Louis, MO. 2014.
  • WRP: Utilizing the New Job Portal for Recruiting Summer Interns and Employees with Disabilities. Presented to Direct Employers Association. Arlington, VA. 2014.
  • Turning compliance into business advantage. Presented to same as above. Las Vegas, NV. 2013.
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  • Maximizing Divesity and Talent Acquisition. Presented to National Association of Colleges and Employers NACE. Las Vegas, NV. 2012.