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Elena Gitter

Assistant Professor
Human Resource Studies


Elena Gitter is an Assistant Professor of Human Resource Studies at the School of Industrial and Labor Relations, Cornell University. She received her PhD in behavioral sciences and management from Technion–Israel Institute for Technology. Previously, she earned her MA in Educational Administration and BA in Sociology, Anthropology and Educational Administration from the University of Haifa, Israel. Her research interests include compensation administration, occupational stress and employee well-being, and organizational citizenship behavior. Professor Gitter currently teaches graduate and undergraduate level courses on compensation and human resource management.

Research Statement

Prof. Gitter's research focuses on enhancing our understanding of when and how pay secrecy affects organizational and individual performance, employees' helping and unethical behaviors.


Journal Articles

  • Peter A Bamberger, Elena Gitter. 2017. The Dark Side of Transparency: How and When Pay Administration Practices Affect Employee Helping, Journal of Applied Psychology . 102(4):658-671.
  • Elena Gitter, Peter A Bamberger , Valeria Alterman, David T Wagner. 2016. Looking for Assistance in the Dark: Pay Secrecy, Expertise Perceptions, and Efficacious Help Seeking Among Members of Newly Formed Virtual Work Groups, Journal of Business and Psychology . 31(4):459–477.
  • Elena Gitter, Peter A Bamberger. 2014. Signaling in secret: why, when and how the absence of pay transparency has detrimental incentive and sorting effects, Academy of Management Journal . 57 (6):1706-1733.
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  • Elena Gitter, Peter A Bamberger, Samuel Bacharach. 2012. Workforce Disengagement Stressors and Retiree Alcohol Misuse: The Mediating Effects of Sleep Problems and the Moderating Effects of Gender, Human Relations . 65(6):705–728.
  • Peter A Bamberger, Elena Gitter. 2010. Pay Secrecy and Individual Task Performance, Personnel Psychology . 63(4):965-996.
  • Elena Gitter, Anit Somech. 2010. Teachers’ Organizational Citizenship Behavior: Examining the Boundary between In-Role Behavior and Extra-Role Behavior from the Perspective of Teachers, Principals, and Parents, Teaching and Teacher Education . 26:914-923.

Book Chapters

  • Elena Gitter, Peter Bamberger. 2015. Panacea or Pandora’s Box? The Role of Fairness Perceptions and Interpersonal Competitiveness in Determining How Pay Secrecy Affects Individual Task Performance. in Handbook of Research on Management Ideas and Panaceas: Adaptation and Context. Edward Elgar Publishing Limited, 2015. Ortenblad, A.. (77-96)


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