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Adene Karhan
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Adene Karhan

Extension Associate
Yang-Tan Institute on Employment and Disability


Adene Karhan is a Licensed Masters of Social Work (LMSW) with over 5 years of experience in private practice psychotherapy and over 22 years of work in the field of human services. Areas of professional interest include the impact of trauma on individuals, impact of early childhood attachment on lifelong relationships, and co-occuring mental health and developmental disability. Adene approaches most work from a family systems perspective, recognizing that individuals are highly relational and that interventions targeted at the entire family are most successful in bringing about lasting change.

Research Statement

Adene is currently involved in the New York State Promise research project, which involve providing transition services to youth with disabilities who are receiving SSI.

Outreach Statement

Through the New York State Promise research project, Adene provides technical assistance and training to case managers and other staff involved in the project throughout New York state.