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New Global Scholars Program will recognize students for international study
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Thursday, April 12, 2012

A new ILR program is responding to President David Skorton's call to more fully "internationalize Cornell."

The Global Scholars Program encourages students to add international components to their educations. Students who successfully complete the program will earn the "ILR Global Scholar" designation, which will appear on their transcripts.

The program aligns with President Skorton's vision, as presented in a report published this year, to strengthen Cornell’s international presence and provide more internship and other opportunities abroad.

Professor Sarosh Kuruvilla, chair of the ILR Department of International and Comparative Labor, says the program will be introduced this fall.

"ILR has long had a commitment to providing a global perspective. We have students completing internships and global service learning projects in Africa, India, China, Europe and throughout the world."

"This new program could become a model for how to build even greater student interest in getting international experience," he says.

To become an ILR Global Scholar, a student must:

  • Complete study, internship, significant research or service learning abroad
  • Meet specified levels of foreign language proficiency
  • Complete four international or comparative courses on different world regions
  • Write a reflective learning paper for discussion with a faculty adviser

"The program has the added benefit of enhancing student-faculty interaction, since students will have to identify a faculty member who will be his or her adviser," Kuruvilla says.

Harry Katz, Kenneth F. Kahn Dean and Jack Sheinkman Professor, says this is the right program for ILR students at the right time.

"One of my goals as dean has been to see every student get at least one international experience. This program supports that goal and will help encourage more students to pursue these kinds of opportunities."

"Having a broader world view is something students must have to be successful in organizations that now think and operate more globally," Katz says.

Kuruvilla, who serves on a university faculty committee charged with "articulating the future of international studies and engagement at Cornell," says the idea first came about in discussions with Donna Ramil, ILR’s associate director of International Programs. The program has been in development for a year with input from the ILR International and Comparative Labor faculty.

ILR has been increasing the number of international internships and service learning programs and ramping up exchange arrangements with other universities, he adds. These efforts will create new opportunities for those interested in the Global Scholars Program.

The Global Scholars Program is open to ILR students who will begin their junior years in the fall of 2012. Students who complete program requirements will be honored through a program awards ceremony and will receive a program tassel at graduation.

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