Twenty Years of Impact

Americans with Disabilities Act transforming workplace, Bruyère says
Americans with Disabilities Act transforming workplace, Bruyère says
Tuesday, June 22, 2010

The Americans with Disabilities Act has resulted in profound workplace culture changes, but striking employment disparities continue for people with disabilities, according to Susanne Bruyère, director of Cornell ILR's Employment and Disabilities Institute.

The 20th anniversary of the landmark legislation is July 26.

"The 20-year anniversary celebration of the ADA marks two decades of progress in tearing down barriers to full participation in society for Americans with disabilities. The ADA has transformed the workplace, architecture and urban planning," she said in an interview.

"As we celebrate the ADA's influence on the workplace, we must also reflect on what remains to be done," said Bruyère, associate dean at ILR and a disability studies professor.

"The disparity in workforce participation rates for people with disabilities confirms the importance of our increased vigilance to minimize workplace barriers and maximize labor market opportunities," she said.

"Cornell's Employment and Disabilities Institute will continue to reach out to individuals, employers, employees, policymakers and others to advance the world of work for millions with disabilities, both in the United States and globally," Bruyère said.

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