Preparing for Finals

Students reach out with refreshing comforts
MILRSO and SGA event
Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Alisha Magnus-Louis '13 faces five exams in the span of four days next week.

"My body's tired and the weather isn't helping," she said, taking a study break for a chair massage and snacks offered free Tuesday by the ILR Student Government Association and the Minority ILR Student Organization.

The massage and cookies were a refreshing complement, Magnus-Louis said, to her study strategy, which includes regular meals, study sessions with friends this week and solo studying next week.

"Coffee helps. A lot," said Magnus-Louis, who has been studying until 2 a.m.

So did the work of licensed massage therapist Matty Termatto.

"It was great,” Magnus-Louis said. "I was really, really tense."

Termatto, set up in the Ives Hall student lounge with another licensed massage therapist, Bonnie Dee, said students are not only concerned about exams, but the holidays.

Termatto encourages students to go for walks. "Call a friend and go for a walk – commune with someone and get exercise at the same time."

In the Ives Hall lobby next door to Catherwood Library, Harris Nord '12 presided over a platter of cookies, silos of coffee and a basket of crunchy snacks.

The most popular cookie was the "s'more" cookie with marshmallows and chocolate, he said, offering one to Rebecca Darling, taking a course at ILR this semester as she pursues a master’s of public administration degree.

Darling greeted the cookie offer warmly, telling Student Government Association volunteers, "I love you guys."