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ILR and King's College London launch International HR Management Academy
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Friday, April 6, 2012

Two of the world's leaders in human resource management education – the ILR School and King's College London – have joined forces to launch the International HR Management Academy.

The academy will sponsor forums for HR practitioners on key business themes relating to managing people in an international environment. Programs will highlight new ideas and thinking on where the global HR field is heading.

ILR Professor Sarosh Kuruvilla, chair of ILR International Programs, says the academy offers participants a first look at and early access to the latest research on HR practice. The forums also provide opportunities for industry leaders who are innovating in global human resource management to share their experiences.

"Some of the research isn’t even published yet, so people will get an inside track on new and evolving knowledge that could have great benefit for their HR operations and give their organizations a competitive advantage," Kuruvilla says.

The 2102 forums will focus on topics including globalization, global firms and emerging management challenges; developing international HR strategy; leveraging talent within the global organization; and managing major organizational change across international boundaries.

Kuruvilla says that ILR developed an interest in this partnership based on visits to London during which he and other ILR faculty did some teaching in King's courses and took part in HR academy programming that King's already had in place.

Both ILR and King's saw tremendous value to establishing a partnership, he adds, that could expand this effort by bringing in ILR faculty expertise and providing access to their extensive, leading-edge research.

Stuart Woollard, director of King's College London's management learning board, says the college is excited about the collaboration and to be working with the "world-renowned ILR School." Involvement in the academy, he adds, has significant value for those companies who participate.

"Real opportunities exist for those firms that can understand the nature and impact of globalization and develop people capabilities across their international operations."

The first jointly-sponsored academy forums will take place in June in New York City, with another scheduled for January 2013 in London. More information is available at

Other ILR faculty and staff who will participate in the June forum include Patrick Wright, the William J. Conaty GE Professor of Strategic Human Resources; Diane Burton, associate professor, human resource studies; and Linda Barrington, managing director, ILR's Institute for Compensation Studies.

"This partnership gives ILR a great opportunity to be even more globally focused and to take our programs to other parts of the world," Kuruvilla says.

"Working with King's College, we can go places together that we might not have been able to go individually."