Creative destruction of jobs & new ways of working

Creative destruction of jobs & new ways of working - technology is creating anxiety as well as opportunity
Thursday, November 3, 2016

Recently ICS’ executive director Linda Barrington spoke with Marketplace Radio about its most recent Anxiety Index. The survey revealed Americans’ pessimism surrounding the job market despite unemployment steady around 5 percent. Linda Barrington explained that the “hollowing out of the middle” is resulting in some lost jobs being replaced by higher-skill, higher-pay jobs; but many American workers still having to settle for lower level, lower paying jobs despite the labor market recovery following the official end of the great recession in 2009.

Americans see both technology’s creative destruction of old jobs and new kinds of jobs and ways of working that technology is allowing. Exploring this tension and new forms of work is the focus of the Future Work Series ( insert Link to FWS videos ) sponsored by ILR’s Institute for Workplace Studies.

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