Cornell University

December 1 2005

Lessons learned from the U.S. and Israel

Forum focuses on experiences using interest arbitration

Dean Katz speaking at Hebrew UniversityILR Dean Harry C. Katz was the keynote speaker at the Israeli National Labor Court in Jerusalem in late November. The special forum was organized by Court president Judge Stephen J. Adler, ILR ‘62. Dean Katz addressed a group of over 100 Israeli judges, lawyers, and academics. Katz spoke about lessons learned in the U.S. from the use of interest arbitration.

Dean Katz was joined at the Labor Court by Professor Mordehai Mironi, ILR Ph.D. ‘77. Mironi is a Professor of Law at the University of Haifa in Israel and serves as president of the Israel Mediation Association. He spoke about the Israeli experience with arbitration.

The following day Dean Katz was an invited guest lecturer at Judge Adler’s labor law class at Hebrew University’s School of Law. There he spoke to students about the changes in worldwide employment systems that he describes in his book Converging Divergences (with Owen Darbishire, ILR-Cornell University Press, 2000). His presentation paid particular attention to similarities between the U.S. and Israel and the use of mandatory arbitration to settle statutory claims over employment rights. Students remarked about the growing concern over issues of equality in employment terms and of union decline in Israel, comparatively similar conditions as in the U.S.

Immediately following Katz’s trip to Israel, Judge Adler traveled to the U.S. and spoke to an audience convened at ILR’s New York Metropolitan Office about labor relations trends in Israel and the U.S. and a comparison of the National Labor Relations Board and labor courts.