Cornell University

April 24 2006

ILR Researcher Runs Strategic Research Workshops in South America

Maria Figueroa, Director of Labor and Industry Research-ILR Outreach Division, prepared and delivered strategic research workshops for unions in two South American countries, Paraguay and Uruguay this past February. The workshops were organized and funded by the Solidarity Center of the American Federation of Labor-Congress of Industrial Organizations (AFL-CIO).

Strategic Research Workshop in South AmericaIn Uruguay, workshop participants included officials and staff from the Uruguayan Federation of Commerce and Allied Industries Employees (FUECI), the Paper Workers’ Union (CUOPYC), the Banking Industry Employees Association (AEBU), the Metal Workers’ Union (UMRA), and the Transport Workers’ Union. Participating unions in Paraguay included the Journalists’ Union (SPP) and the Printing and Graphic Communications Union (SITRAPREN).

Strategic Research Workshop in South AmericaThe workshops involved two days of intensive training and group work in each country, and focused on strategic research methods, case studies, industry analysis and planning for union growth. This project was part of an ongoing program of the Solidarity Center to support union organizing in Latin America. She also delivered a section of a similar training organized by the Solidarity Center in Mexico City in 2005.

Strategic Research Workshop in South America