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January 16 2006

Book by ILR Professor Receiving National Attention

In the last few months, ILR McKelvey-Grant Professor of Labor Management Samuel Bacharach's recent book, Get Them on Your Side: Win Support, Convert Skeptics, Get Results, has been receiving increasing attention. In early January, Fast Company magazine recognized it as one of the 15 best business books of 2005. Similar recognition was accorded the book by The Globe and Mail, a major Canadian newspaper. Harvard Management Update also just released a two-page discussion of the book's central idea.

Get Them on Your Side is based on the premise that hard work and good ideas are not enough to ensure success. Rather, what really matters in today's corporate environment is the ability to win allies and head off resistance. Using illustrations from business, government, academia, and nonprofit organizations, this book shows how to build political competence and develop specific leadership skills to get results.

Professor Bacharach builds on the ILR tradition of reaching out to academic and practitioner audiences. He also conducts seminars on the topic of "The Proactive Leader: How to Get Things Done in Your Organization" and offers a certificate for leaders who complete all three seminars. He is also Director of ILR's New York City-based Institute for Workplace Studies, is Director of ILR's Master of Professional Studies (MPS), and is the Director of the Smithers Institute for Alcohol-Related Workplace Studies.

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